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Can You DJ Your Own Wedding? An iPod Follow-Up

By November 27, 2012

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Six years ago, I wrote a post called DJ or iPod? Can You DJ Your Own Wedding? What was meant to be a quick question has become one of the most enduring and popular posts on this website, which still gets heated comments to this day. Yet in those six years, DIY DJing has become much more popular, as more couples turn to the ease and economy of doing it themselves.

That doesn't mean that the naysayers don't have some valid points - an iPod wedding can be a seamless success or a total disaster. The difference usually comes in the amount of advance preparation. Yes, DIY DJing is much like painting a room - success requires spending a lot longer in the planning and preparation than it does on the execution.  I recently interviewed a dozen couples who have gone this route, asking them what they wish they had known, and what made a difference in the final product. I've compiled their tips into How to DJ Your Own Wedding With an iPod or Laptop.


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