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Nina Callaway

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Nina Callaway is a writer and event planner who has guided many couples through the complicated yet rewarding process of wedding planning. She's had the joy of being the weddings guide for About.com since 2003.

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Nina has planned hundreds of events, carefully coordinating all the small details. Her experience includes adding punch and pizazz to everything from black-tie benefit dinners to launch parties, intimate weddings, and more casual gatherings. Her wedding planning advice has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, on NBC, and in numerous other websites and magazines. As a freelance writer, Nina has also written about food and culture for a variety of websites, magazines, and books.


A graduate of Smith College, Nina majored in English and Theater, and happily uses many skills from both disciplines in her current work.

By Nina Callaway:

Nina says: "As a lover of weddings of all kinds, I'm so excited to share the knowledge I've accumulated. I'm dedicated to making this site the most useful resource on the web for brides and grooms to be, as well as their family and friends." * If you have a wedding-related product or book you would like me to review, please send me an email at weddings@aboutguide.com with a summary description, and put the word "review" somewhere in the subject line. If I'm interested, I'll respond with my mailing address. Please do not send books or products directly to the About.com offices. * Please note that I do not review every product that I am sent, only the ones that I think will be of particular interest to my readers.

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