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Simple Wedding Checklist
Easy Wedding Checklist

Start your wedding planning with an easy-to-use wedding checklist that will keep you organized. I suggest you print out these wedding checklists and put them in your wedding notebook for easy reference.

Your Wedding Checklist: 10 to 12 months before your wedding

____Read The First Ten Steps for a Newly Engaged Couple

____Tell your parents, important family members, and close friends the good news! How to Announce Your Engagement

____You might also want to announce your engagement in the newspaper, on a wedding website with an email sent out to all your friends, or in the most traditional way, with mailed engagement announcements

____Have an engagement party, if you'd like

____Envision the tone of your wedding: Formal or casual? Day or evening? Religious or secular?

____Consider having a wedding theme, which will help pull together the style, look, and feel of your wedding

____Choose your wedding colors, which will add visual unity.

____Set your budget, read Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

____Decide who will pay for the wedding. Will your parents cover it all? Can you contribute? How will expenses be split?

____Start your guest list

____Select date and time. Have backup dates in mind, in case a key element is unavailable.

____Select and reserve your ceremony and reception sites

____Hire a wedding consultant, if you're using one

____Choose and book your wedding officiant

____Choose bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers

____Meet with florists, caterers, and musicians.

____Arrange for a tasting with your caterer

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