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Wedding Attire- the best wedding clothes
Guide picks
What everyone will wear is one of the biggest and most enjoyable aspects of planning your wedding. Here is advice and links to the best wedding dresses and bridesmaids gowns. Coming soon: groomsmen attire and accessories.

Great Wedding Dresses
When you're planning your wedding, why not check out these dress sites? Although most brides will want to do some off-line shopping, the internet will give you a chance to do some preview shopping, and perhaps to easily select your dress, right on the web.

Review of Peter Fox Shoes
Have you seen Peter Fox Shoes in a bridal magazine, but haven't understood why they're so expensive or what the hype is about? My review will give you the lowdown on this popular designer.

What a groom needs to know about wedding style
Some grooms may thing that the fashion decisions for a wedding are only for a bride, and that he just needs to go get a plain black tuxedo and be done with it. But what kind of tuxedo? Will you wear a tuxedo at all? What do you wear for a beach wedding, or informal daytime wedding? Here are some great places to get all your groom style questions answered.

Great bridesmaid dresses
The Internet is the ideal place to shop for bridesmaid dresses--you can email pictures back and forth, find local stores in each bridesmaid's area, and compare prices and styles easily. You'll also find the best advice for choosing the ultimate attire for your ultimate friends.

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