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A Country Wedding

Graceful Ease at a Country Wedding


There's something wonderfully charming about a country wedding. Make yours timeless and graceful by coordinating relaxed details. Here are some ideas to get you started.

ATTIRE: Wear clothes that you are comfortable in, including sundresses, khakis, or even jeans. Eyelet lace is a nice touch. Men can wear casual shirts and ties and forgo the jackets.

SETTING: Any country setting- consider renting a barn or a farmhouse. Use picnic tables with red and white checked tablecloths. Decorate with borrowed quilts, lanterns, and candles. Although the elements are casual, unify your color palate for a clean, modern look. For example, use large groupings of daisies with yellow centers, yellow gingham tablecloths, and yellow and white striped bridesmaid dresses. Or, use a traditional red and white tablecloth with red dahlias and Gerber daisies, red ties on the groomsmen and red sundresses for the bridesmaids.

FLOWERS: Yellow sunflowers or daisies in big pitchers, smaller groupings of brightly colored dahlias.

INVITATIONS: Why not embroider your invitation as a country sampler, then take it to a print shop where they can photograph it and reproduce it on a card? If you know a skilled graphic designer, they may also be able to recreate the stitched sampler look.

MUSIC: Hire a square dance, contra or bluegrass band, who will have your guests dancing all night long.

FAVORS: Make homemade cookies and package them in pretty wrapping. If you're not the baking type, purchase them at a good bakery. You could also package beautiful small bunches of fresh local produce- such as a pint of strawberries, beautiful tomatoes on the vine, or a bunch of grapes.

SPECIAL TOUCH: Since you're likely to be outdoors with the heat and mosquitos, make fans for your guests with the order of service, or the members of the wedding party printed on one side, and a pretty country print on the other.

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