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What do Wedding Dresses Cost?

Budgeting for a Dream Wedding Dress


Are you a bride creating a budget with no idea how much a wedding dress will really cost? Magazines are confusing and often don't even list prices for gowns. Here's an easy guide to what you'll get for your money.

For around $500, you can purchase a wedding dress at a larger retailer that is machine made. Generally, these are made largely of synthetic fabrics, and have minimal amounts of hand-detailing. You may be able to purchase a lovely bridesmaid's gown in white from a more well-known designer. Make sure to get the wedding dress altered to help it fit you properly.

Brides who are looking for a designer wedding dress in silk or other natural fabric should expect to pay between $2000 and $4000. For this amount of money, the gown should be very well made, and include some hand detailing. You'll go to a salon where they'll measure you, help you pick your wedding dress, and order it directly from the designer in your size. Once it arrives, you'll pay a little extra to have it altered to fit you.

For brides who have an extravagant budget, expect to pay $6000 and up for a designer wedding dress custom made just for you. A seamstress will work with you to precisely fit and design the gown around your body. Most of the work will be done by hand. Oh, and don't forget that you'll have well known designers and an au courant design.

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