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How Long Do I Have to Give a Wedding Present?


Question: How Long Do I Have to Give a Wedding Present?
Giving a wedding present is a thoughtful and generous thing, but it's also an expensive one. If you've already spent a lot of money on attending the wedding, or buying something appropriate to wear, you may need some time to save up for the gift. Or, you might just need more time to find the perfect wedding gift for your loved ones. So how long do you have to give a wedding present?
Answer: Traditional etiquette says that you have up to a year following the wedding. Try to purchase one sooner though, so that there are still items available on the registry, and so that the new couple can start using your gift. Ideally, you'll give your wedding present within two months of the wedding. Remember, though there are guidelines about how much to spend on a wedding gift, it truly is the thought that counts. It's better to give something smaller, than wait a long time to be able to afford something more expensive. Inexpensive Wedding Present Ideas

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