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Do I need a separate wedding reception card with my invitation?


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Question: Do I need a separate wedding reception card with my wedding invitation?

A reader asks, "If my wedding ceremony and reception are at the same venue, do I need a separate reception card with my wedding invitation?"

Answer: No, separate reception cards are not necessary. Instead of a separate reception card, you may add a sentence to the bottom of the invite that says "Reception to follow".  For a less formal affair, you might write, "please join us for lunch [cocktails, or dessert, etc] after the ceremony." Make sure you have people on hand (usually your groomsmen or ushers) to show guests where the reception space is. You can also put up signs or other decorations showing guests the way.

If your reception isn't in the same place as your ceremony, you don't necessarily need a separate reception card either. You can include reception information at the bottom of the wedding invitation. For example:

Mr & Mrs Allen Feffer 
request the pleasure of your company 
at the marriage of their daughter 

Susan Hilda

Max Andrew Ling 

St Mary's Church, Hanover 
Saturday, September 20th, 2015
Four o'clock in the afternoon
And afterwards for a reception at Brown's Hotel

Typically, couples also include map and driving directions with the invitation as well as any other details the guest may need including: recommended area hotels, day-after brunch information, and  local points of interest. Though many guests have a GPS or smart phone to help with directions, it is still good practice to include this information with your invitation. It is good manners to make attending your wedding as easy as possible for your guests.

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