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Ryan and Trista - The Wedding of the Century?

Details on the wedding dress, wedding vows, bridesmaids dresses and more


Updated January 11, 2004
Did you tune in to Ryan and Trista meeting on the Bachelorette? Are you dying to know what kind of wedding costs more than a million dollars? (some have quoted $4 million dollars total, but that probably includes Ryan and Trista's million dollar fee, plus production costs) Ryan and Trista had a wedding that was, as promised, a spectacular and lavish affair covered in Trista’s favorite color: Pink!

If you loved their wedding, and want to know all the details, look no further. I’ve got the full scoop.

Ryan and Trista's Setting: Lodge Rancho Mirage. An outdoor wedding (complete with several helicopters overhead!). Behind the altar were large bowers and garlands of pink roses – reports seem to agree that over 30,000 pink and ivory roses were used for the wedding. Guests sat on chairs draped in varying shades of pink. The wedding party descended down a wide stone stairway.

Trista Wore: a Badgley Mischka white satin dress, with a shirred bodice and a heavily beaded torso and border on an a-line skirt. She also supposedly wore elaborate diamond-encrusted shoes from Stuart Weitzman, although disappointingly, I couldn’t see them. Her hair was in a partial up-do with the ends curling over her shoulders, and a veil pinned to the back. She carried a bouquet that looked like either very open roses, or peonies.

The Bridesmaids Wore: Pink Amsale gowns with black ruffles at the hem; all except the matron-of-honor’s were strapless. They carried bouquets of varying shades of light pink roses.

Ryan and his Groomsmen Wore: Kenneth Cole black tuxedos with vests, silver long ties, and traditional collar shirts. They had small boutonnieres which I presume were stephanotis.

Ryan and Trista's Ceremony: After being welcomed by the officiant, and stating their desire to be married, Trista and Ryan shared reading the Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem, “How do I love thee.” They then had a sand ceremony, lead by the officiant, wherein three colors of sand representing their neutral foundation, and their individual strengths were poured into a vase. They then blended the two individual colors to represent the fact that they were choosing to blend their lives together.

Continuing the romantic and personal theme of their wedding, Trista and Ryan read letters that they had written to each other. Ryan movingly said “I’ve woken to a sunrise more surprising and beautiful than any dream.”

Their vows were also personalized:
“I Trista take you Ryan, to be my husband. I will treasure our friendship, and love you today, tomorrow and forever. I will trust and honor you. I will laugh and cry with you, and share my life openly and honestly with you. What may come, I will always be there. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I promise you my trust, my devotion, my tenderness, and my love. As I’ve given you my hand to hold, so I give you my life to keep.”

The officiant then asked, “Will you take Ryan as your husband, as your companion and best friend. Do you promise to treat him with love and devotion, honor and respect, to stand by him during the triumphs and tragedies of life as a faithful and caring wife?”

After they were pronounced husband and wife, Trista lept into Ryan’s arms for a romantic kiss.

The Reception: Trista changed for the reception into a lacy spaghetti-strapped dress, while Ryan got more casual by removing his jacket. According to Reuters, the wedding was catered by Lodge Rancho Mirage, and “featured food flown in from 14 different countries, 180 bottles of champagne, 600 bottles of wine, 1,500 pounds of chocolate and 200 pounds of shrimp, lobster and crab.” Ryan and Trista followed a new trend with a chocolate wedding cake. Of course Trista couldn’t leave out her favorite color, so the cake had cascading pink sugar roses down one side.

Ryan’s Surprise: For their first dance, Ryan surprised his bride with a song composed of words he wrote shortly after they met, and got his friend, country music superstar Brad Paisley, to serenade them with it. The opening verse was:
Here I am
Wondering where I stand
Looking for a place to land
My heart in the palm of her hand
Just a boy dying to be her man

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