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How Long Do I Have to Write Wedding Thank-You Notes? How Will I Get Them Done?


Question: How Long Do I Have to Write Wedding Thank-You Notes? How Will I Get Them Done?
Answer: I often hear questions such as: "I feel overwhelmed by the task of writing so many wedding thank-you notes! How long do I have? And do you have any tips on getting on top of them?" First, when you create your guest list, consider using a spreadsheet program like Excel and adding columns for gifts and thank you notes. You can record what you were given, and then mark when you've actually written the thank you note. If you prefer, you could instead put a copy of your guest list in a notebook so that you can record what you were given, and then cross off the name when you've written a thank-you. Try to write the thank-yous as the gifts come in, so that you're not writing too many at any one time, or forget exactly which crystal vase was the one the Johnson's gave you.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel! Your friends won't be comparing what you send them, so you can make the work go faster by writing similar notes. Look at my sample thank you card wording for examples. You can feel free to copy liberally!

Remember that in a modern wedding, the groom is equally responsible for writing thank-yous. Perhaps each person can write thanks for presents received from their personal friends and family. Also, you don't have to write an essay to each person. Just write a simple thank-you with a sentence or two about when you plan to use the gift.

The proper etiquette is to send notes within two weeks for gifts received before the wedding, and within one month for gifts received after the wedding. But a late thank-you note is still better than no note at all.

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