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How many different things should we register for?


Question: How many different things should we register for?
Answer: I've definitely been frustrated when shopping for a wedding present and finding that all of the "good choices" on a registry have already been taken. Yet too large, and it's hard to figure out what the couple really wants. If you're getting married, a good idea is to initially register for two items for every wedding guest. Then, regularly check on your wedding registry (including after the big day) to add or subtract items as necessary. For example, if it's close to the big day and no one has purchased your formal china, you may want to delete it so that you don't end up with only a few place settings. Simultaneously, you may find that all of the items as a particular price point have already been purchased. So, even though there are still plenty of more or less expensive selections, you'll need to add choices that fall in that price range.

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