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Advertising Your New Wedding Planning Business

Promote Yourself as a Wedding Planner!


  • Consider having a brochure printed - it can be an inexpensive tri-fold brochure in black and white, or a more expensive printed piece with color photographs. I suggest you start with the inexpensive version, but be sure to use attractive and easy to read fonts, as well as a nice layout to make your brochure present the right image. Your local copy center can assist you with this project. After you have been in the field for a while you can have a more expensive brochure printed, featuring the weddings you have done.

  • Have business cards designed and printed - these are inexpensive and easily obtained at your local copy center. You should then give them out liberally to anyone you might meet at events, grocery stores, and even at friends' weddings.

  • If your city has a bridal fair, get a booth and advertise your services. You will be exposed to a large number of future brides, some of whom are just starting to think about their weddings, and who probably will be overwhelmed at the fair by the number of decisions to be made. These brides will be glad to find someone who can help them plan the perfect wedding.

  • Consider advertising your services in the yellow pages as well as in carefully selected publications. Advertising is very expensive - only buy ads in publications which future brides and their families are likely to read or consult when they are thinking about getting married. You'll want to choose local publications rather than national magazines.

As you start your new career, be patient. The telephone is not likely to ring the first moment. Your business will probably be small the first year, but it will grow each time you do a wedding. Ask every bride you assist to mention you to anyone who talks to her about her wedding. Be sure the brides and their mothers all have a supply of your business cards to give to their friends. You may consider paying them a referral fee for each new client they send your way. From every wedding you coordinate successfully you will probably get three new customers. It won't take long before you'll to hire assistants to handle the volume of work you have!

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