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Wedding Party and Wedding Guest Advice


Advice and Information for the Bridal Party and Wedding Guests on your role in the wedding, etiquette, advice on buying wedding gifts, what to wear, and more!
  1. Bridesmaid Advice
  2. Groomsmen Advice
  3. Advice for Wedding Guests
  4. Wedding Gifts
  5. Wedding Toasts

Bridesmaid Advice

Being a good bridesmaid is more than just standing and looking pretty. It's a job that has several important responsibilities that you might need advice on. Did you know the wedding party not only helps advise the bride and groom on the wedding, but also throws showers and the bachelorette party? You might also not know that you'll have duties during the wedding itself. Here's advice on how to be a great bridesmaid and have fun doing it.

Groomsmen Advice

You were chosen to be a groomsman because you're a good friend or family member. Live up to the job by fulfilling your duties well! Make sure you know what those duties are by reading my groomsmen tips.

Advice for Wedding Guests

You've just received a wedding invitation-- what comes next? Get advice on buying wedding gifts, proper wedding etiquette, what to wear to any type of wedding and more.

Wedding Gifts

Be a gracious guest and bring the perfect wedding gift. Here are ideas for every type of couple, whether they are traditional or modern, formal or casual. You'll also find information on navigating gift registries, and other frequently asked questions.

Wedding Toasts

Giving a best man speech or a wedding toast is a lot of pressure. Here are samples, tips and advice to help you out.

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