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Advice, Tips, and Ideas on Bridal Showers or Wedding Showers

If you're throwing a bridal shower soon, you'll want to check out these ideas for bridal shower themes, invitation wording, etiquette, and best of all, tons of bridal shower games.

Bridal Shower Games, Ice Breakers and Activities
When you're planning a soiree to fete a bride-to-be, bridal shower games are both expected and fun. Here are five pages chock full of bridal shower games, from the traditional to the unusual.

A Coed Shower Game: It's Trivial
Planning a Co-Ed Shower isn't hard, but sometimes finding fun couples bridal shower activities can be tricky Here's a trivia-based Jack and Jill shower game that is fun and easy for both men and women to do.

Throwing a Bridal Shower - Answers to All Your Questions
Throwing a bridal shower for the first time? You're probably full of questions. Luckily, we've got lots of answers. From who to invite, to where to have it, and what bridal shower games to play, here's all the basics of throwing a bridal shower.

Planning a Non-Traditional Bridal Shower
Tired of silly games and boring gifts? Host a non-traditional bridal shower. For young and hip couples, or those who just don't need any more pots and pans, these non-traditional bridal shower ideas ensure guests have fun while the couple gets things they actually want!

The Honeymoon Shower
A honeymoon shower is one of my favorite non-traditional bridal shower ideas. Relaxed and fun, a honeymoon shower is a perfect way to celebrate a bride with a honeymoon registry. Here are tips and ideas for decorations, music, food, and more.

Easy Bridal Shower Menu
Throwing a bridal shower is a great way to honor your friend, and a great way to make yourself crazy. Keep it simple with this easy, make-ahead bridal shower menu. Nothing needs to be heated or kept frozen, there's no fussy last-minute assembly, and everything is delicious.

Left and Right Bridal Shower Game with a Surprise
This bridal shower game is guaranteed to bring some laughs, and has a fun surprise at the end. Don't worry, no one gets embarassed.

Whose Memory? Bridal Shower Game
How well does the bride know her guests? This bridal shower game gets guests to laugh and have fun, but keeps the spotlight on the bride.

Bridal Shower Themes and Ideas
The secret to a great bridal shower is in the details, and the possibilities are endless. Here are some bridal shower themes and ideas to make your party feel creative and chic. Ideas on decorations, invitations, food, gifts, and more.

Top Picks for Bridal Shower Invitations and Engagement Party Invitations
If you're throwing a lovely and chic bridal shower, you'll need a great bridal shower invitation to set the tone and get your guests excited. Here are my top picks for great bridal shower invitations, many of which make great engagement party invites as well!

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording -- Sample Invitations for Every Type of...
One of the most common questions I get about bridal showers is how to word the invitations, poems or cute rhymes to use, and especially how to let guests know that there will be a theme. Here's a guide to bridal shower invitation wording that should answer all of your questions.

A Cheap Bridal Shower Gift Idea
The best bridal shower gift I received was free. It's true - though my family and friends showered me with generous gifts, the best present was more rich with sentiment than expense. In these economic times, when everyone is trying to save money, the bridal shower gift is a good opportunity to give a meaningful but inexpensive present.

Bridal Shower in a Box
When a good friend or close relative gets married, it's natural that you'd want to help celebrate and throw a shower for them. But what happens if you live far away? Why not throw a bridal shower in a box?

Here's how it works:
Since you can't throw her a bridal shower in person, send her all the necessities by mail.

Throwing a Spa Party Bridal Shower -Tips for a Great Spa Bridal Shower
While bridal shower games have long been popular, today's bride is often looking for more modern alternatives such as activity-oriented events held outside the home. The most popular of these types is the Spa Shower. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Bridal Shower Planning Guide
Bridal showers can be fun and fabulous or dull and disastrous. The difference is in the details. Spend some time thinking about themes, games, and invitations, and you'll be guaranteed to be crowned "Best Bridesmaids Ever!"

How Much Should I Spend on a Bridal Shower Gift?
An Answer from an Expert on What's Appropriate to Spend on a Bridal Shower Gift

Ice Breaker Bridal Shower Games
It’s true that bridal showers are a great way for guests to get to know each other before the wedding. But it’s also true that a shower can easily become a room full of strangers with awkward silences and strained conversations. To make sure your event is actually a fun party to remember, get things going with these ice breaker bridal shower games.

Bridal Shower Theme: Sweets for the Sweettooth
For a bride who loves to bake, what could be better than a bridal shower cake theme? With a cake tasting, cake-themed games, and creative decorations, this sweet shower is sure to have her smiling.

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