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A Coed Shower Game: It's Trivial

Simple and Fun Coed Bridal Shower Game


Coed bridal showers - also called Jack and Jills or couple's showers - are getting a lot more popular. It's not just the bride who is getting married or setting up a house after all, so it makes sense to include the groom and his friends. And especially if you're having a same-sex wedding or blurring gender lines in your bridal party, a girls-only shower doesn't necessarily make sense.

Most of the elements aren't that different from a women-only event. Food is a definite, alcohol is nice, and some decorations or flowers are pretty de rigueur. But finding a coed bridal shower game can be tricky. You need something fun, quick, and not too girly.

My suggestion? Trivia. It's definitely not too girly, and encouraging a little friendly competition can be a great way to involve some reluctant men. This trivia can be about weddings in general - like our wedding trivia quiz - or be more specific to the couple.

Ask the room questions about the bride(s)and groom(s) to be, such as where they went to college, what they wanted to be when they grew up, and what each others impressions of the other were on their first date. Consult with their moms and best friends for some embarrassing facts - it's always good to include a little good-natured humor at the couple's expense!

Though I've seen such games played where all the questions and answers are written down, I think that especially for a coed shower game, you want to act as Mistress (or Master) of Ceremonies. Read the questions aloud, pausing of course for humor or effect. Pass out paper so guests can write their answers down, and give a great prize to the person (or team) who gets the most answers right.

Another variation on this coed shower game is to ask the room questions about who else is in the room. For example:

  • What percentage of the room has already been married? (within 5%)
  • Who in this room, besides family members, has known the bride and groom the longest?
  • Name the two people who went skinny dipping with the groom and got caught!
Like all good trivia games, make sure that the questions you ask have a range of difficulty and have a definitive answer (or have an acceptable range, such as the percentage question above.) To make the questions more personal, in advance of the event ask everyone to send you some basic facts about themselves, such as their favorite (or worst) wedding memory, their age, the date of their wedding (if they're already married), and their favorite memory of the bride or groom. You can then compile these answers into a scrapbook as an extra gift for the happy couple!

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