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Wedding Planning Basics for Brides and Grooms

Most brides and grooms feel overwhelmed at one point or another in the process of planning their wedding. The most important thing to remember is to be calm, and stay organized. Here are several tools to help you in this process, so that your big day can go as smoothly as possible.
  1. Wedding Gifts
  2. Wedding Favors
  3. Wedding Invitations
  4. Wedding Flowers
  5. Getting Started (57)
  6. Wedding Planning Tools (45)
  7. Wedding Registry (35)
  8. Traditions, Colors, Themes (33)
  9. Wedding Stress Management (20)
  10. Glossary (40)
  11. Wedding Trends (5)
  12. Your Wedding Night (3)
  13. Saying Thanks for Your Wedding (2)

Ask Nina - Your Wedding Planning Questions Answered
Do you have a burning wedding planning question? Wondering how to word that tricky invitation, where to find an interfaith minister, or how to handle an overwhelming in-law?

The Perpetual Bridesmaid Tells All
My friend Ariel is the perpetual bridesmaid - she's been in five weddings this year alone! So she's great for giving wedding advice, bouncing ideas off of, or just keeping me plugged in to wedding trends around the country.

Weddings and Charitable Giving
Looking to make a difference with your wedding day? Here's some easy ways you can help your community by donating leftovers, registering for charitable gifts, and cheering up hospital rooms with flowers.

Second Weddings and Getting Remarried
Planning a second wedding can be an opportunity to improve any mistakes you made the first time - including the person you married! But don't make new mistakes by ignoring the etiquette of remarriage. Here's a guide to everything about second weddings.

Your Wedding Vows
Samples of wedding vows - traditional and non-traditional, religious and secular.

Car Style
Match your wedding day transportation to your wedding style or theme. Here are some creative ideas.

Wedding Transportation
Figuring out wedding transportation -- how many cars do you need, what kind, and when -- can be confusing. Before you book a limo, read this article on all of the above, plus questions to ask before you sign.

5 Tips for an Amazing Wedding Night
Engaged couples spend lots of time planning for the big day, but not everybody plans well for the big wedding night. This time alone together after the festivities can be incredibly meaningful and romantic.

How to Create a Realistic Wedding Budget
Creating a realistic Wedding Budget

5 Questions to Ask Before You Start Wedding Planning
5 Questions to Ask Before you start planning your wedding: Who, What, When, Where and How of your wedding.

5 Biggest Wedding Day Fears: How to Get Over Them
5 Common Wedding Day Fears and how to get over them!

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