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Do It Yourself and You May Save Money on Your Wedding with DIY Projects

What You Can DIY and What You Should Leave to the Professionals


Many brides, especially those on a budget, want to save money by making things for their weddings themselves. But what is really feasible for the average bride to handle on her own? Here is a list of things you can do yourself, and what you should call in the experts for.

DIY It: Wedding tasks you can do yourself

  • Wedding Favors
  • Simple Floral and Candle Centerpieces
  • Cupcakes (instead of a wedding cake)
  • Ring Pillow
  • Flower Girl Basket
  • Using an iPod to DIY DJ. (Enlist a tech-savvy friend to make sure your first dance song, entrance music, cake cutting music etc. is playing at the right time. Make sure you read Tips on How to DJ Your Own Wedding)
  • Bridal Hair and Makeup
  • Save the Date Cards, Programs, and Seating Cards
  • A decorated guest book, card box, photo album, or other keepsake

For the Pros: Wedding tasks that should be left to the professionals

  • Large Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces
  • Bridal and Bridesmaid bouquets
  • Your Wedding Dress
  • A Wedding Cake
  • Catering
  • Photography
If your aim is to save money on your wedding, start out by making a budget for each DIY project. You'll be surprised to find that some projects are cheaper for the experts to do, and others can be either extremely inexpensive or breaking the bank, depending on the materials you use. (If you want to DIY it because you love crafts and want to show off your handiwork, then stick to your original wedding budget.)

I also recommend that any DIY bride limit the amount of projects she is taking on. Limit yourself to one DIY project per month, and make sure you are done with any projects at least a week before the wedding. DIY stands for Do it Yourself, not Drive Yourself Insane!
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