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Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Honor your friends with these thoughtful gifts.


Your friends will appreciate these unique bridesmaid gifts.

Your bridesmaids are your closest friends, honor them with a thoughtful gift.

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Your bridesmaids are some of your closest friends and family members. You've selected these women to stand next to you on your wedding day: show your appreciation for them by giving them a unique bridesmaid gift that'll they'll treasure.

Bridesmaid gifts run the gamut in terms of price, style, and individuality. Some brides spend hundreds of dollars, while others chose to spend only a few, or chose to make the gift themselves. Some people think that the cost of bridesmaid gifts should correlate with your wedding budget. Others say that the more time your friends helped you with wedding planning, the more you should spend on a bridesmaid gift for them. There's no right or wrong answer - do what feels best to you.

You can also choose to get everyone the same thing, get variations on a theme, or chose entirely different presents for each person. Try to spend about the same amount on each present, except for the maid-of-honor's gift, which is typically more lavish than the other ones.

Many bride's opt to give their friends jewelry or accessories to wear at the wedding as their bridesmaid gift. Unless the accessories are tailored to suit each of your friends' individual tastes, they aren't appropriate gifts—they're more a gift for you than gifts for them. The best bridesmaid gifts have very little do your wedding and instead celebrate your friends' unique personalities.

However you chose to honor your wedding attendants, make sure they know how much they mean to you by enclosing a personal note with each present. Here are some bridesmaid gift ideas to get you started. 

Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts

  • Personalized photo albums or photo books (Apple and Blurb have great options.)
  • Digital photo frame, pre-loaded with pictures of the two of you
  • A tote in her favorite color, personalized with her name or monogram
  • A charm necklace featuring her initial
  • Personalized stationery set
Bridesmaid Gifts That Pamper
  • Gift baskets full of lotions, soaps and other indulgent items
  • A manicure set and fun polishes
  • Nice pajamas or cozy robes
  • A spa gift certificate
  • A cosmetics bag stuffed with flattering eye shadows or lip glosses
Bridesmaid Gifts for Foodies
  • A box of artisanal chocolates
  • A great bottle of wine 
  • A French press coffee maker and some unusual coffee
  • A gift certificate to her favorite local restaurant
  • A gift certificate to cooking classes
  • Gift basket of wine glasses, charms, stoppers and more 

Destination Wedding Themed Bridesmaid Gifts

  • A beach towel and a great beach bag
  • A gift certificate to enjoy a fun activity during their stay
  • A beautiful coffee table book about the destination
  • A gift bag full of goodies to help them enjoy and remember their trip. E.g. a New York destination bride might give a guidebook to the city, an "I love New York" t-shirt, a taxi cab holiday ornament, and some New York-centric food treats.

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