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Weddings and Charitable Giving

Doing Good for the Community Through Your Wedding


When bride Lisa Jones contemplates her wedding budget, she says she gets sick just thinking about all that money spent on one day. "I tried to calm myself down by remembering that the memories will last a lifetime, but was still overwhelming, given how many people are suffering in the world. So I decided I had to use my wedding for greater good."

Lisa first set to work contacting organizations to use her leftovers. While some food pantries said that she either had to ensure that there was no food spoilage, or that meals be repackaged, she finally found a local church's soup kitchen who said they could use whatever leftovers. She also found a nursing home with the ability to accept her flowers to cheer up patient's rooms. And, although her wedding dress will hold sentimental meaning and be hard to part with, she's even considering donating it to her local church thrift shop.

Other ways you can make a difference through your wedding is by using a service such as the I Do Foundation. Not only will they donate up to 8% of any gifts on your registry purchased through them, you can also ask guests to donate to charity in lieu of presents. If you would like guests to give to charity, don't indicate this on your wedding invitation; to do so implies that you expect a gift of some kind in exchange for your invitation. Instead, ask parents and bridesmaids to let anyone who asks know that you would prefer charitable donations. Or set up your wedding web page with the I Do Foundation.

If you wish to forgo the middleman in your charitable giving, why not make a donation instead of giving out wedding favors? You can let guests know of your gift by leaving a small card at each setting, or writing in the program "Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding. A donation has been made in your name to (charity name)" or "In lieu of wedding favors, the bride and groom have made a donation to (charity name)."

The bottom line is that your wedding day is the day you formally enter the community as one family. And won't it feel good to be doing good for that community?

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