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Celebrity Weddings - Read all about Celebrity Wedding Details

There's something so captivating about a celebrity wedding. They often spend 10 times as much as your average bride and groom - sometimes all that money creates a dream wedding, and sometimes it just creates a trainwreck! Click here to read about celebrity weddings, and what famous people spend their money on.
  1. Prince William and Kate's Royal Wedding (15)

Celebrity Wedding Gowns From the 2013 Oscars
The bride wore white - and so did the celebrities! This year's Oscars were full of incredible white and off-white dresses. If you're feeling inspired, here's how to get the look.

2011 Celebrity Weddings
2011 was the year of the celebrity wedding - nearly every month the news was full of yet another incredible event that everyone was talking about. It was the year of the Royal Wedding, the Reality Wedding, and the Lavish Wedding-Short Marriage. Here are the most talked about celebrity weddings of 2011.

Celebrities Who Got Married in 2011
2011 was the year of celebrity weddings! Here's the full list of all the stars who got hitched in 2011. Now the only question is, how many of these marriages will make it through 2012?

Monaco's Royal Wedding - Prince Albert Marries Charlene Wittstock
All the details about Monaco's Royal Wedding - the scandals around Prince Albert, Charlene's wedding gowns, and their two(!) wedding ceremonies.

Prince Albert's Royal Wedding to Charlene Wittstock
William and Kate's marriage wasn't the only royal wedding this year - Prince Albert II of Monaco married Charlene Wittstock. But while the Brits have a fairytale story, this royal wedding has been marked by gossip and scandal.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's Wedding Details
Country stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's wedding this Saturday was an elegant affair with a surprising item on the menu. Read about Blake and Miranda's wedding details.

Shortest Celebrity Marriages - Celebrity Weddings Gone Wrong
Britney Spears's wedding to Jason Allen Alexander may be the record-holder for shortest celebrity wedding. Just hours after tying the knot, they were filing for an annullment. What other brief celebrity weddings are in the running for the title? Read more to find out.

Fourteen Celebrity Engagements This Holiday Season!
Hollywood jewelry stores must have been busy with all the celebrities who've recently decided to tie the knot, including Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Jason Mraz, Leann Rimes, Eddie Cibrian, Hugh Hefner, Vivica A. Fox, Sherri Shepard and Ginnifer Goodwin.

Shania Twain's Wedding Photos
It was a happy New Year for Shania Twain, who wed Frederic Thiebaud on January 1st in Puerto Rico. See her wedding photos and details.

Katie and Tom's Wedding Details
Even if you don't normally pay attention to celebrities, you're probably curious about the three-ring circus that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's wedding is promising to be. Here are all of Tomkat's wedding details including their romantic castle wedding location, Katie's dress, and more.

Celebrity Wedding Trends
A recap of the most interesting tidbits of celebrity weddings. When planning your own wedding, take a break to read about the glamorous nuptials of tinseltown.

Our Field of Dreams - a Baseball Wedding
Can you imagine getting married on a baseball field? That's just what one couple did, when they got married at home plate as part of a sponsored wedding. Read about how they made this dream come true

Celebrity Wedding News and Gossip
It's been quite a week in celebrity wedding gossip, with two major engagements that have water coolers everywhere buzzing, as well as a couple of Amazing weddings.

Best and Worst Celebrity Weddings of 2005 - Who wore the best dress, had the...
This has been an amazing year for celebrity weddings. From Donald Trump and Melania Knauss's lavish affair in January to Matt Damon and Luciana Bozan's quiet City Hall wedding in December, this year's celebrity weddings have run the gamut of style and taste. Here are my top 10 picks for the best and worst celebrity weddings of 2005.

November Celebrity Wedding News
2005 has been a relatively quiet year for celebrity weddings, with none of the outrageous weddings of 2004. Oh sure, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore tied the not, as did Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, but these were very quiet intimate celebrations with very few details released to the public. Finally, it seems like we'll have some celebrity weddings to ooh and ahh at and draw ideas from.

Most Outrageous Celebrity Weddings of 2004
Celebrities live a charmed life of fame and fortune. And with that charmed life seemingly comes the impression that regular rules of etiquette and common sense don't apply, especially when it comes to celebrity weddings. They didn't disappoint us in 2004, holding enough crazy weddings to grab our attention and sell tabloids. Here are the Most...

Britney Spears Wedding - a Surprise Wedding Quickly Annulled
Britney Spears surprised us all by marrying a hometown pal the weekend after New Years 2004. Here's everything there is to know about this whirlwind affair, including whether the wedding was a joke, or a mistake and details on the even faster annullment.

Your wedding on television?
Do you want your big day to be televised? After all, you've spent so much time and effort (not to mention money) planning, it might be nice to share the romance and joy with a few thousand strangers. Several TV shows are now accepting applications.

Mary J. Blige's Intimate Wedding
Like many celebrities these days, Mary J. Blige opted to wed husband Kendu Isaacs in a quiet ceremony away from the paparazzi circus. Here are the details of their wedding date, including what they wore, what they ate, and which celebrity guest failed to show!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Elope! All their wedding details
Click here to read all the details about Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's hush-hush wedding, just days after they announced that Gwyneth is pregnant.

Jennifer Lopez Marries Marc Anthony
Guests thought they were coming to a backyard barbecue. Imagine their surprise when Jennifer Lopez came down the aisle wearing a magnificent Vera Wang dress. Read all the details of their beautiful simple chic ceremony.

Heidi Klum and Seal Get Married
Heidi Klum and Seal managed to dodge the papparazi when they married on a Beach in Mexico. I've got all the details, including what she wore, the music, the guests, and more.

Trista and Ryan's Wedding
Trista and Ryan’s wedding was, as promised, a spectacular and lavish affair covered in Trista’s favorite color: Pink!

If you loved their wedding, and want to know all the details, look no further. I’ve got the full scoop.

Diana Krall and Elvis Costello Marry! Details of the celebrity wedding
Diana Krall and Elvis Costello wed in a celebrity-studded affair at Elton John's estate outside of London. They swore their guests to secrecy, yet a few choice details managed to slip out.

Bridget Fonda Weds Danny Elfman
Actress Bridget Fonda (Single White Female)wed composer Danny Elfman (theme song to The Simpsons) in a secret ceremony outside LA. Here's all the details

Natalie Imbruglia Weds Daniel Johns; Kylie Minogue Catches the Bouquet
Natalie Imbruglia, star of the Australian hit show Neighbors, has a top secret New Years Eve wedding to musician Daniel Johns. Read all the details of their intimate wedding here.

Chelsea Clinton's Wedding to Marc Mezvinsky
Intimate photos of Chelsea Clinton's wedding, including pictures of her ceremony, beautiful Vera Wang wedding dress, and proud parents Bill and Hillary.

Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Details
Since she's the closest thing this country has to a Princess, I know you're all dying to know more about Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Though the event was top-secret, I've got all the important details of her lavish ceremony and reception, dress, cake, food and more.

Can Prince William and Kate's Wedding Compare to Charles and Diana's Wedding?
When Prince William and Kate Middleton get married in 2011, it's only natural that many will compare their wedding to the last great royal wedding – that of his parents Charles and Diana. That was called "the wedding of the century" as 750 million people worldwide watched on television, spellbound by the fairytale. Will William and Kate's...

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