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Review: Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbor – Bahamas Destination Wedding Site

Abaco Beach Resort Will Help You Plan the Perfect Bahamas Destination Wedding


Review: Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbor – Bahamas Destination Wedding Site
When I first got to Abaco, an island in the north of the Bahamas, I wanted to see everything, do everything and move at the my regular New Yorker pace. But after just 24 hours, I realized that the most important thing for me to do was to sit in a beach chair, sipping a pina colada, watching the sunlight dance over the waves. I had adjusted to "island time."

Being on "island time" can be the perfect antidote to bridal blues or wedding-related stress. Even better, the resort's staff can handle a lot of details for your Bahamas destination wedding that you'd otherwise have to take care of yourself, allowing you more time for sipping and lounging. See photos of Abaco Beach Resort and Bahamas Destination Weddings

Activities at Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbor

Quiet days are filled with relaxing and scenery watching. Play tennis day or night, use a complimentary kayak or Sunfish boat, swim, or take long walks on the beach. Take a ferry to nearby islands for strolling, looking at the bright architecture, and poking into shops such as Iggy Biggy's, which offers beachware and gifts. The duty-free shop is also just down the road from the resort, where you can get discounts on everything from Coach purses to Tiffany jewelry and other designer goods.

Don't Miss

  • Snorkeling or Scuba Diving Abaco is surrounded by some of the most amazing reefs in the world, where you can see shipwrecks, underwater sea gardens, parrot fish, mahi mahi and more. Abaco Dive Adventures is conveniently right at the Boat Harbor, and offers a variety of trips, primarily in the morning.

  • Renting a boat Abaco is but one of 52 small islands in the Bahamas, many uninhabited. Rent a boat, or the resort will taxi you to one of these islands for a private picnic.

  • Sitting on your private balcony, watching the ocean and the sway of the palm trees.


All rooms are oceanfront and boast either a terrace or balcony. Comfortable and clean, the large rooms are air conditioned and have cable TV. One bedroom suites include kitchenettes, living rooms with foldout couches, and, like the single rooms, interconnecting doors for family stays. Larger two-bedroom villas have elegant style, and the convenience of kitchen and living room.

The Food

Cooking on an island means many of the ingredients have to be flown in, and are frozen rather than fresh; vegetables in particular suffer from this fact. Although it's not strictly gourmet quality cooking, the chef at Abaco Beach Resort does pretty well. Bahamian lobsters are, as a rule, smaller than what Americans are used to, but the grilled lobster tail is excellent. Tuna is another nice dish. Local conch is hit or miss. A fried conch entrée is good at first, but its texture and flavor is too monotonous, and the dish is tiresome before you've eaten enough to be full. Salads are overdressed and lacking flavor. The restaurant can accommodate vegetarians, but certainly it's much better to be an omnivore here.

The People

Laid-back and friendly, you'll be okay keeping to yourself, or mixing it up at the onsite bar. This good ol' boys playground always has a sense of celebration. Some people may be uncomfortable with the almost exclusively white clientele and management and the almost all black staff, a phenomenon that is true at most resorts in the Bahamas.

Planning a Bahamas Destination Wedding at Abaco Beach Resort

I recommend this resort because their staff has the knowledge and resources to plan a romantic beach wedding ceremony. The sales manager, Kevie Thomas, can help you plan a fantastic wedding for 200 people in the tent or one for just the two of you on the beach underneath the moonlight and the tiki torches. She'll coordinate all the details or put you in touch with skilled florists, cake bakers, photographers and more.

When to Plan a Bahamas Destination Wedding in Abaco

November-May is the best time for a Bahamas destination wedding, so as to avoid both the rainy season and hurricane season, which peaks in August through October. If you love the heat, risk the rain and come in July, when the temperature is in the high '80s. I prefer the weather in March and April, which generally stays in the 70's. If you love to fish, schedule your trip around one of the major sport fishing tournaments hosted at the marina. Abaco calendar of events.


Rates start at $240. Romance and wedding packages available


Relaxation, inclusive packages, all rooms oceanfront


May be too quiet for some
Food is not gourmet quality

Bottom Line:

You can have a fabulous Bahamas destination wedding at Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbor. It's a great spot for those who are looking for a laid-back peaceful island vacation.

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