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Inexpensive Wedding Favors

Ideas for Cheap and Unique Inexpensive Wedding Favors


Inexpensive wedding favors aren't hard to find, but most of them are things your guests will never use again. Rather than adding to your friends' clutter (or to the landfills) consider one of these inexpensive wedding favors everyone will love.
  • All Things Edible Everyone loves sweet treats and savory snacks. Buy jars of honey or jam, then soak off the labels and add your own along with a pretty ribbon. Or for an especially cheap wedding favor, buy colorful candy like M&Ms in bulk, and pour them into small cellophane bags. Tie them with pretty ribbon and add a tag with your initials and wedding date to make them prettier and more personal. But certainly don't feel like you have to limit yourself to M&Ms. Almost any candy, taken out of its commercial packaging and put in beautiful cellophane bags will look special. Find something you love that works with your colors.

  • A Donation to Charity An especially meaningful inexpensive wedding favor is a donation to your favorite charity in your guests' names. Make up pretty cards that say, "In lieu of favors, the bride and groom have made a donation to XYZ Charity in your name." A good guideline is to donate $3-$10 per guest, but if you can't afford that, even a dollar per guest can help a charity. Look at the I Do Foundation for examples, or read more about charity and your wedding.

  • Cheap Pashminas and Pocket Squares For an outdoor wedding, consider providing a basket of pashmina scarves for your guests to use there and take home with them. You can frequently find them on eBay for less than $5 each, and you won't need to have one for every guest. Or, give pashminas to all the women, and pocket squares for the men. They'll do double duty by adding a lot of color to your wedding reception, allowing you to save by using neutral linens.

  • Cookie Cutter Wedding Favor Wrap a heart-shaped cookie cutter with your favorite family cookie recipe and a cute saying like, "We're cut out for love!" or "Thanks for all the sweetness and love!" or even, "Cookie-n' Up a Lifetime of Sweetness!"

  • Holiday Time For a December wedding, get crafty and make some holiday ornaments. The blog YoungHouseLove recently made some crafty ones which averaged only $0.71 a piece! You could add your wedding date and initials, or a note wishing them a beautiful and bright Holiday season. Or you can purchase bulk wedding ornaments for about $2 to $3 each. Use them as place cards at the wedding, then guests can use them as picture frames or ornaments later.

  • Cute Luggage Tags They're frequently mentioned as a cheap wedding favor, but most magazines and blogs also suggest that you personalize them with your names or wedding date. I'm sorry to say that if you do that, your precious gifts will mostly end up in the trash. For a long-lasting gift, choose cute tags that tie into your theme, like these airplane tags for a destination wedding, or snowflakes for a winter wonderland wedding. Or you can find neutral ones and create a pretty label to slip inside. After the wedding, your guests can replace the label with their contact information.

  • A Beautiful Pear The play on words of pear and pair naturally lends itself to inexpensive wedding favors. For a fall wedding, consider giving your guests a beautiful in-season pear tied with a pretty ribbon and tag that says, "The perfect pair: [your names]." Or you could up the ante with homemade caramel-dipped pears for an extra-special treat. Non-edible ideas include pear-shaped scented soap, or a pear-shaped candle.

Whatever you end up using for inexpensive wedding favors, make sure that you are thoughtful about your guests. Think about how they'll use the items, and whether they'll truly be useful and special long after your wedding day. Most of all, make sure they are an expression of you, and a celebration of your love!

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