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Commitment Ceremony Invitation Wording

Choosing Commitment Ceremony Invitation That Reflects Your Promises


The wedding planning world is full of advice on how to word your wedding invitations. But for those looking for commitment ceremony invitation wording, there's just two small problems: the words "wedding" and "marriage". Of course, many of those planning gay weddings (whether or not they live in places where gay marriage is legal) have no problem using those words. But others want to find particular commitment ceremony invitation wording that reflects the events they're having and the promises they're making to one another. Here are some options: Parents hosting a formal affair

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
Request the honor of your presence
at the commitment ceremony
uniting their daughter

Jane Doe
Alice Smith

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith
Saturday, the Fifth of October, 2003
at five o'clock in the afternoon
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Palm Court

Please join us for a reception immediately following the ceremony

Couple hosting an informal affair

Please join us
as we celebrate our
Commitment Ceremony

John Doe and Paul Smith

Saturday, October 5th at 11 a.m.
Newport Harbor Club
Newport, Rhode Island

A casual brunch will immediately follow the ceremony

For the above options, customize the invitations to reflect divorced parents, single parent hosting, both sets of parents hosting, and step-parents hosting. You may also choose to replace "commitment ceremony" with a variety of terms, including wedding, marriage, matrimony, holy union, civil union, union ceremony, relationship blessing, celebration of commitment, partnership ceremony, or really any term that you feel represents your ceremony.

Other options:

Sarah Doe and Maria Smith
invite you to join them
as they exchange vows and unite their lives
Saturday, October 5, 2003
St. Marks Church
314 Jackson Lane
Kansas City, Missouri

With joy
we, Paul Doe and Chris Smith
invite you to share in a celebration of our love
Saturday, October 5, 2003
at our home
206 Martin Street
Seattle, Washington

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