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Get Organized! Wedding Planning Tools

The most crucial thing for a newly engaged couple to do is get organized. A good wedding planner will help you figure out month-by-month what you need to accomplish, so that you won't find yourself completely overwhelmed only weeks before the big day. Here are the best wedding planners, checklists, calendars and tools on the internet.
  1. Free Printable Wedding Checklists (6)
  2. Your Wedding Budget (15)
  3. Wedding Guest List (4)
  4. Wedding Planners (3)

Free Printable Wedding Checklists
All the wedding checklists you'll need to be organized and on top of your tasks.

Top 10 Wedding Planning Mistakes - How to Avoid The Biggest Mistakes People...
Do you know what the biggest wedding planning mistakes are? They're easy sins to commit, so make sure you have the tools to avoid them.

Don't Elope - Planning a Wedding Quickly in 3 Months or Less
Most wedding guides will tell you that a year is a good length of time to plan a wedding. But what do you do if you have to get married quickly? You might think your only option is to elope, and miss out on a real wedding. Instead, here's a guide to planning a wedding in 3 months or less.

DVD Review: Martha Stewarts New Wedding DVDS
The Queen of Domesticity, Martha Stewart, has just released the best of ten years of wedding ideas from her television show on two different DVD packages. Are they a good thing? Read my review to find out.

The Engaged Groom by Doug Gordon - a Guide to Wedding Planning for the Groom
Are you a groom and not sure where to start wedding planning? Perhaps you know a groom in your life who seems clueless or is just not pitching in to help. Here's a wedding planning guide for him for a change.

Top 5 Biggest Wedding Money Wasters
Wedding Money Wasters. The bridal industry tries to convince you that tiny details are incredibly important, thereby asking you to spend thousands of dollars. But are those small details really worth it? Here are what I think are the biggest wedding money wasters.

Easy Wedding Budget Worksheet
Setting your wedding budget is one of the very first things you should do. Use this handy wedding budget worksheet to plan out what you'll need to pay for, and how much you should plan to spend.

Top Ten Ways to Save Money at Your Wedding
Do you have champagne taste and caviar dreams, yet only a white bread and soda pop wedding budget? Don't worry, you can still have a beautiful ceremony. Check out these great ways to cut costs and save money on your wedding day.

10 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding
Tips on making your outdoor wedding perfect - pitfalls to avoid and basic dos and don'ts!

Do It Yourself – Can You Save Money on Your Wedding with DIY Projects? What...
Many brides, especially those on a budget, want to save money by making things for their weddings themselves. But what is really feasible for the average bride to handle on her own? Here is a list of things you can do yourself, and what you should call in the experts for.

Wedding Ceremony Checklist
A wedding ceremony checklist designed to help you keep track of all the things you'll need, including

Name Change Checklist
A simple and comprehensive name change checklist of places to notify after your marriage.

How to Create a Realistic Wedding Budget
How to Establish a realistic wedding budget

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