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Getting Started- planning and advice

Brides and Grooms, this is step one of your newly engaged life- a little advice, help on getting organized, and picking your date and venue.
  1. Wedding Locations
  2. Wedding Planning Tools
  3. Marriage Proposals (20)
  4. Licenses & Name Changes (5)
  5. Engagement (12)
  6. Picking Your Wedding Date (7)

What is a Wedding?
A wedding is one of the most important days of your life - but do you know what it really is? You might have the word wedding confused with marriage or party, but it's really something different. I've also included the essential components of the wedding ceremony and reception.

Top 10 Biggest Wedding Mistakes
Do you know what the biggest wedding planning mistakes are? They're easy sins to commit, so make sure you have the tools to avoid them.

The Best Advice I Ever Gave an Engaged Couple
As a wedding coordinator, there is some advice that is so invaluable, I tell it to every bride- and groom-to-be I know.

Create a Wedding Website
If you don't already have a wedding website you should get one, as they are an easy (and often free) way to communicate with your guests. It will allow you to provide directions, maps, hotel reservations and other planning information in a central place. Here's how to create a wedding website, which are the best companies to use, and what your...

Wedding Dates to Avoid
Before you pay non-refundable deposits, or send out save-the-dates, avoid disaster by making sure your wedding doesn't fall on one of these dates.

The First Ten Things You Should Do
If you're a newly engaged couple, click here for a list of the first ten things you should do to start your wedding off right.

How to Create a Realistic Wedding Budget
Create a wedding budget before you plan a thing

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