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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Grooms

Tips on How to Make Your Groom's Valentine's Day Gift Extra Special


There's always pressure to find the perfect Valentine's Day Gift, but somehow being engaged steps up that pressure. You want to confidently show that you really know what he likes, but you also don't want to waste any money on something trivial. Here are Valentine's Day gift ideas that are sure to please AND help him with wedding planning.

1. Secret Message Cuff Links

Cuff links are a classic Valentine’s Day gift idea, but these are extra special. They’ve got room for a scroll hidden inside, where you can write some sweet nothings or devilish thoughts. And on your wedding day, you can write an extra special something to help him be ready for the trip down the aisle.

2. Fancy Shaving Accessories

Being well-groomed on your wedding day is essential, so for a Valentine's Day gift, help him step up his game with some fancy shaving accessories, or a gift certificate for a custom shave. Once he's realized how luxurious shaving can be, he'll be sure to have a soft, kissable face for the wedding day.

3. Other People's Love Letters

You might think an entire book of love letters would be too sappy, especially as a gift for a man, but this book is --at turns-- romantic, silly, hilarious, sexy, x-rated and lovely. It's the perfect thing to help inspire him to write his wedding vows, or just to remember what he loves about you.

4. Personalized Ipod Flip Video Camera

A video camera is a pretty extravagant Valentine's Day present, but the Flip video cameras are relatively affordable at just over $200. They're an extra good present for someone about to get married -- not only can he film memories of all the important events and special moments leading up to the wedding, but you can personalize the Mino Flip HD with a picture of the two of you.

5. A Scavenger Hunt

Like the couples massage, this Valentine's Day gift allows you to relax together and feel a little sexy. But for those on a budget, this allows you to give a great gift in your own home without spending a lot of money. Send him on a brief scavenger hunt throughout the house, picking up clues along the way that tell him why you're going to marry him.

Have it end at a bubble bath, where you and a bottle of wine await!

6. Gift Baskets for Men

Around Valentine's Day, the stores are full of gift baskets full of lotions, pink hearts, candy, and other girly things. But a gift basket is a great way to make a few inexpensive items seem more impressive. Gourmetgiftbaskets.com has a whole section of gift baskets for men, but there's also no reason you can't follow their example and make one yourself. How stoked would your beer-loving fiance be to get a whole basket of small-label microbrews? Or a basket of his favorite movies burned onto DVD, with some good movie watching snacks? The idea is to make it easy for him to have a night with his buddies, so he knows that wedding planning won't stop him from doing the things he loves.

7. A Couples Massage

Massages have long been a great Valentine's Day gift for women, but men sometimes feel a little funny going to spas alone. But a couples massage combines much needed relaxation and bonding time, with getting a little sexy. For an extra special gift, book a room at a hotel which has an in-house spa, so afterward, you can get away to enjoy.

8. A Fancy Webcam

A webcam might seem like a slightly strange Valentine's Day gift, but for the gadget-loving groom-to-be, it's perfect for wedding planning with family and friends, and keeping in touch with long-distance groomsmen and wedding guests. This one by Logitech is the highest rated by CNet.com.

9. Custom-made Ties and Shirts

Getting a tie or shirt made for you is the ultimate in Men's sartorial luxury. You get to choose the fabric, the cut, width and length so that it fits you and your style perfectly. For the groom who wants to look extra-sharp on his wedding day, a rented tuxedo shirt or an off-the-rack tie just won't do.

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