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Top 10 Hot Gadgets, Luxury Items, and Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for the Groom


Searching for a great gift idea for the groom in your life? Whether it's a gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday or even the bride's gift to the groom, here are 10 hot gadgets, luxury items and inexpensive creative ideas that are sure to please.

1. A New Fancy Watch

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Odds are, he just spent megabucks on an engagement ring. Help him step up his own jewelry collection with a new fancy watch, such as this one from the hot and trendy brand, Bell & Ross. If your wallet isn't quite that big, this Movado watch will always be a classic.
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2. A New Ipod or Ipod Accessory

If your man doesn't already have an Ipod, now is the time to get him one. Even if you're planning to hire a band or a DJ for the wedding, he can use it to self-DJ everything from your engagement party to the morning after brunch. If he's already hooked in to this long-standing trend, consider getting him these amazing headphones, or an Ipod Docking Speaker system.
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3. Cufflinks

Most tuxedos come with cheap plastic cufflinks and studs that are hardly befitting a stylish groom. Help him upgrade with a nice pair or a full stud set. These Chicago "El" train cufflinks are the perfect gift for a Chicago wedding. Look for ones that fit your groom's style and hobbies.
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4. Fishing Gear for a Weekend Away With the Boys

Send him on a fishing trip away with the boys, and let him know that he's going by giving him a new spinning reel or other accessory. If he's not a fisherman, the present could be airplane tickets, football tickets, camping gear, or keys to a rental cabin.
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5. Poker Night With the Boys

Not everyone can afford to go away for the weekend. If that's true for your man, give him the gift of a perfect night with the boys instead. Package together a bottle of his favorite liquor, a fun CD, and this great 500 piece poker chip set in an aluminum case.
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6. Olympus Camera

If he doesn't already have one of his own, now is the time to get one. Between those great bachelor party moments to breathtaking sunsets on his honeymoon, he'll get plenty of mileage out of a new camera. I like the Olympus Stylus 500 for simplicity of use and multiple settings to help you get just the right shot, not to mention affordable pricetag.
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7. Silky Knickers

Grooms need to look sexy too! Since they won't be showered with lingerie, and often wouldn't think to buy it for themselves, they're relying on you to help them out. Why not give a beautiful silk robe, such as this one, or some cute boxer shorts.
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8. Anthony Logistics Grooming Kit

He's growing up, getting a little older, and he needs to look good this year! Help him take care of his skin, and remember his sweetheart all at the same time. Anthony Logistics Picture Perfect facial kit has a glycolic cleanser, facial scrub, shaving cream, and after-shave balm. Best of all, it comes packed in a reusable micro-suede photo frame and holder – perfect for the groom to always remember his sweetheart. This kit from a great and reliable brand costs less than $50.
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9. New Tux

About the time that a man gets married, he starts getting invited to many other weddings and black tie events. Perhaps the groom in your life has a black tie company holiday party this year. If so, it's the perfect time to help him spring for a tuxedo that he can not only wear to his wedding but to many other stylish occasions as well.
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