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Wedding Invitations, Wedding Programs, and Wedding Stationery

Your wedding stationery is not only an important element of your wedding, it's also a perfect memento. Here's information on finding the perfect wedding invitation, wedding invitation wording, creating a wedding program, and other stationery you may need.
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10 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Invitations
Unique wedding invitations can happen in so many ways, from personalized wording, to beautiful designs, and quirky details.

Printing Wedding Invitations
Before you can buy wedding invitations, you first have to figure out what kind you want! With so many technical terms and printer mumbo jumbo flying around, how are you supposed to understand what's what, and which kind will look best for your wedding invitation? (Not to mention which style you can afford!) Here's a guide to the many different printing techniques available for wedding invitations.

How to Address Your Wedding Invitations
When you address your wedding invitations, be aware that traditional etiquette rules don't always apply. Here are my new and modern rules on how to address your wedding invitations the right way.

Wedding Invitations - Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to all of your frequently asked questions about wedding invitations. If you don't see your question here, send an email to weddings@aboutguide.com

Top Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Invitations
If you're a budget-savvy couple, you're probably looking to save money whereever you can. One area you might not have thought of is your wedding invitations. Don't think you need to buy flimsy paper or discounted blurry printing. You can still have an elegant but cheap wedding invitation. Here are my top 10 ways of saving money on wedding...

Wedding Guest Books
Once upon a time, a wedding guest book helped a newly married couple remember who came to their wedding, organize thank-you notes, and start a formal address book. But in this day and age, most wedding guest books end up in a dusty old closet. Want to make yours a hip modern thing of beauty that you'll love to look at? Follow these tips and ideas.

Wedding Thank You Cards Sample Wording - Make Writing Thank You Cards Easy By...
When writing wedding thank you cards, make it easy on yourself by following these samples - from an example of a thank you card to someone you don't know very well, to what to write when you don't like a gift.

Crane Creates Exclusive Wedding Invitation Sets for Papyrus
Crane & Co. has long been the makers of classic wedding invitations using heavy cotton papers and engraved inks. Now they're issuing a new more colorful line of wedding invitation sets available exclusively through Papyrus stores.

Inexpensive invitations
For relatively inexpensive invitations, check out this supersite. While you'll want to order samples to check out the weight of the paper (which may be too thin for some couples) the online process is remarkably easy. You can preview how your invites will look, and order them with a few clicks of your mouse.

Letterpress invitations
Letterpress invitations are printed in relief on a thick rich paper, evoking past eras when the value of making something slowly and by hand was cherished. This printer has been widely featured in Martha Stewart Living, as well as such magazines as Bride's and Town and Country

Multi-lingual invitations
For the multi-lingual or multi-cultural family, check out this great site which features a wide variety of invitations in Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Spanish and more.

Discount invitations
For the budget-conscious couple, check out these inexpensive invites.

Hand-painted invitations
These elegant and unique hand-painted invitations will let your guests know how memorable your wedding day will be.

You're Invited
For the aesthetes, this site offers decadent invitations that combine a variety of textures, colors, and rich materials.

Unusual beautiful stitched fabric invitations
Set your guests talking about your fabulous style with these custom invitations. Mira Aster's love of organza led her to create stitched gate-fold invitations using a mix of fabrics, papers, and unusual elements such as tree bark.

Crane's- Classic Wedding Invitations
Since 1801, Crane & Co. has been creating beautiful engraved wedding invitations on heavy cotton stock. While they've made stationary and invitations for Royalty and Presidents, they also carry a fresh younger line for the more modern bride.

How does etiquette dictate I address a wedding invitation to a doctor?
When guests have professional titles such as Doctor or Judge, you might not know how to address their wedding invitations. Here's how to do it.

Two People Live in the Same House: Send One Wedding Invitation or Two?
When two people live in the same house, but aren't related to each other, can you get away with just sending one invitation?

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