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Most Outrageous Celebrity Weddings of 2004

At Celebrity Weddings, All Bets Are Off As They Do the Shocking and Unthinkable


Celebrities live a charmed life of fame and fortune. And with that charmed life seemingly comes the impression that regular rules of etiquette and common sense don't apply -- especially when it comes to celebrity weddings. They didn't disappoint us in 2004, holding enough crazy weddings to grab our attention and sell tabloids. Here are the Most Outrageous Celebrity Weddings of 2004.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline "Pimps and Maids" Wedding

September 18, 2004
Britney Spears, one of the highest paid entertainers in the business, bagged her planned lavish October wedding in favor of a small quickie one in September. But in spite of her millions, she still treated her guests to a cash bar. My favorite part? The wedding favors of sweat suits which read "pimps" for the boys and "maids" for the girls.
What they did right: They managed to dodge helicopters by surprising the press; Britney's Monique Lhuillier dress was much better than cutoff jean shorts.
What was so outrageous: Just about everything else, including that this was her second wedding in nine months, a fact that prompted thousands of journalists to run the clichéd headline "Oops! She did it again!"
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Britney Spears and Jason Alexander "Drunk in Las Vegas" Wedding

Saturday January 3, 2004
Yes Britney Spears had not one, but two outrageous weddings in 2004. Before she wed Kevin Federline, and after breaking up with the "love of her life" Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears married a hometown pal during a night of partying in Las Vegas. Wearing cutoff jean shorts and a white baseball cap, Britney said "I do" to Jason Alexander, then promptly sent him on a plane home when mom freaked out. Luckily, although they had no prenup, she managed to get off scott free with an annulment.
What they did right: Got this farce of a wedding annulled quickly.
What was so outrageous: Where to begin with this one? I think the only thing non-outrageous about the wedding is that it wasn't so surprising for love-starved Britney.
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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony "Third Time's a Charm" Wedding

June 5, 2004
In January 2004, only five months before this wedding, Jennifer Lopez had been set to walk down the aisle with Ben Affleck in a star-studded full blown glamour affair. (She had also only finalized her divorce from dancer Cris Judd a year earlier.) But after Jen and Ben's abrupt split, she further surprised everyone by finding love yet again with Marc Anthony. Before they could marry, he too had to get a quickie divorce from Dayanara Torres. Sound like a soap opera? The only way it could be more dramatic would be if Dayanara fell in love with Cris, Ben, or P.Diddy.
What they did right: Jennifer and Marc's wedding was actually very beautiful. Designed by Simply Chic designer Rachel Ashwell, the Lopez-Anthony wedding was held in the garden, with plenty of flowers and summery light colors.
What was so outrageous: Can we say serial bride? No one really expects this one to last, since she's either married or seriously considered marrying five men in seven years. I wonder what makes her so desperate to be in love?
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Star Jones and Al Reynolds "Love Don't Cost a Thing When You've Got Freebies" Wedding

November 13, 2004
The woman makes a good living as a host of "The View" and hocking Payless, but for some reason she felt the need to sell every element of her wedding to the highest bidder. Yes, they got freebies for everything from the invitations to the bridesmaid dresses in exchange for plugs on "The View" and her wedding website. They even had the audacity to register for a $10,500 sterling silver tray on Tiffany & Co.
What they did right: They seem to truly love each other and their website is an informative resource for guests.
What was so outrageous: A wedding is supposed to be about love, not about the love of money. As my mother would say, "tacky, tacky, tacky."

Billy Joel and Kate Lee "Lets Ignore The 32-Year Age Difference" Wedding

October 2, 2004
A few numbers for you:
Age of groom Billy Joel: 55 ; Age of bride Kate Lee: 23
Age of Billy Joel's daughter Alexa Ray: 18, Age of bride Kate Lee: 23
Age of Christie Brinkley when she married Billy Joel in 1985: 31, Age of bride Kate Lee: 23
Value of their Southampton estate where they married: $22 million, Age of bride Kate Lee: 23
What they did right:They had a tasteful ceremony at home, with friends and family around them.
What was so outrageous: Age of groom Billy Joel: 55 Age of bride Kate Lee: 23
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