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Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Fresh ideas for a creative wedding guest book


Wedding Guest Book
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Originally, a wedding guest book helped a newly married couple remember who came to their wedding, organize thank-you notes, and start a formal address book. But more often than not, most wedding guest books end up shoved in the back of the closet and forgotten about. Instead of buying a cheesy, lace covered guest book, opt for one of these creative options you'll be excited to display in your home.

Wedding Guest Book Basics

  • Make sure everyone signs it! A no-brainer, perhaps, but the last thing you need is a wedding guest book that's half empty. Assign a member of the bridal party or other trusted friend to stand near it and ask guests to sign as they enter the party. You should also bring it to the rehearsal dinner, so that your closest friends and family have extra time to sign.
  • Make it personal Rather than your guests just writing down their name and a short "Congratulations", ask them to write their favorite memory of you or advice for a happy marriage.

Creative Guest Books (That Are Still Books)

  • Photo guest books are popular options. Some companies offer guest books that have premade slots that are built to hold Polaroid snap shots or a photobooth image strip. You can also create your own DIY photobooth and purchase a standard scrap book for guests to fill with images. Alternatively, you can create a custom photo book using Blurb or Apple filled with your engagement images for your guests to sign.
  • A book of poetry is a smart choice for romantic couples. Choose a book of romantic poetry and encourage guests to leave notes in the margins.
  • Coffee table books about your wedding location or a subject that's important to you can also serve as guest books. Invite your guests to fill the first few pages with well-wishes.
  • A display-worthy dictionary is a fun option for book-loving (or overly verbose) couples. Guests can circle words that remind them of the couple and flag the pages for easy reference.

Unique Mementos

Have your guests sign a memento that you can display in your home, keeping the memories out in the open rather than up on the bookshelf.

  • A beautiful piece of pottery can be signed using a special ceramic marker. After the wedding, simply "fire" the piece in your own oven, and your memento can be displayed, or used regularly.
  • Silver trays are an elegant option. You can buy an engraving pen have guests sign the tray, creating a new family heirloom.
  • An object that references a favorite hobby like a guitar, surfboard, football, wine bottles, or boat paddles can be signed by guests and either used or displayed in the home.
  • River rocks are a popular (and affordable) choice for eco-friendly couples. Guests write notes on the smooth surface of the stones, which are later displayed in the couples home, or scattered around their garden.

Wedding Guestbooks as Artwork

  • Your engagement photo, framed with a wide white mat is the perfect surface for your guests to sign. 
  • An art print or original work, framed with a wide mat is another good choice. 
  • Large wooden letters, of your new monogram or spelling out "Love" can be found at most major arts and crafts stores. Display the signed letters in your home after the wedding.


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