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Name Change Checklist

A Checklist of Places to Notify About Your Name Change


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A name change checklist is a simple tool that helps you keep track of who you've told, and who you still need to tell. After you've read How to Change Your Name, use this name change checklist to help you stay organized. Printable Checklist

Government Agencies

___ Social Security Administration - social security card
___ Department of Motor Vehicles - driver's license, car title and registration
___ Voter Registration – some states allow you to change voter registration at the DMV
___ State Department – US Passport

Work and employment

___ Employer – w4 forms, 401k, insurance, benefits, email, business cards, name plate, work website
___ Unions and professional organizations, including State Bar and professional licenses
___ Personal professional website- especially for freelancers


___ Checking accounts, checks, and bank cards
___ Savings and money market accounts, CDs
___ Credit Cards
___ Assets such as property titles, deeds, trusts
___ Debts such as mortgages and loans
___ Investment accounts, including IRAs, and 401ks if not through your employer


___ Homeowners or renters insurance
___ Landlord
___ Home owners association or management agency
___ Utilities – electric, gas, water, telephones, internet, cable


___ Doctor, Dentist, Ob-Gyn, Therapists, Counselors

Other Legal Documents

___ Health proxy
___ Will

Social Media and Internet

___ Facebook
___ Twitter
___ Myspace
___ LinkedIn
___ Flickr

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