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Marriage Proposal Idea – A Happy Massage

A Relaxed and Sensual Marriage Proposal


Okay, let's get the jokes about happy endings out of the way already! This is a romantic marriage proposal. If you're the kind of couple who prefers intimate occasions to big attention-getting displays of affection, you can still have a surprise and a memorable proposal story.

Set the scene for a romantic and sensual massage using oils, soft rugs – even a roaring fire if you've got a fireplace available. Use all of your love to give an amazing massage, but save the left hand for last. Once you've gotten your sweetie relaxed and happy, slip the engagement ring on and be ready to pop the question!

Pros of this marriage proposal idea: It will definitely be a surprise. It's intimate and sensual.

Cons of this marriage proposal idea: If you get your sweetheart too relaxed, you might have to wake him or her up before proposing!

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