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Buying an Engagement Ring - An Illustrated Guide


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How to Buy an Engagement Ring - An Illustrated Guide to Finding the Right Ring
Buying an Engagement Ring - An Illustrated Guide
An engagement ring is probably the first important piece of jewelry you'll ever buy. So to help you navigate the confusing world of colors, styles, shapes and stones, here's my illustrated guide to buying an engagement ring:

Step One: What's Your Budget

Sneaky salespeople like to convince you that an engagement ring's price tag is directly linked to how much you love someone. Engagement ring magazine spreads usually feature impossibly large diamond rings, but the advertisements are emblazoned with low prices and special deals. Expectant proposers may have sticker shock when the pictures and prices don't quite add up. Before you waltz up to that counter, blinded by your love and the salesperson's sales talk, figure out what you can reasonably spend. If you have to use your credit card, or take out a loan, try to have it all paid off before the wedding. (The two-months salary guide was invented by the diamond industry, by the way. Spend what you feel comfortable spending.)

The three engagement rings above, of vastly varying prices, were all made using Blue Nile's Build-your-own Engagement Ring feature .

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