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Wedding Photography

Your wedding photographs will be the most lasting element of your wedding for years to come. Make sure you capture the most important memories by selecting the right photographer, while working within your budget of course. Once you've selected him or her, here's hints for communicating effectively.

DIY Digital Wedding Photography
Brides on a budget are looking for anywhere they can save money on their weddings. One way that has occurred to many couples is to forgo a traditional wedding photographer in favor of simply asking friends and family to take pictures. The ease of digital cameras makes them think anyone can capture their wedding on film. But does this really save you money? And will the photographs be any good?

Bridal Portraits - Should You Have a Bridal Portrait?
Considering having a bridal portrait taken? You may not even be sure what a bridal portrait is! Read this article to find out the what, why, when and how of bridal portraits, along with some do's and don'ts.

Wedding Photography Checklist: A List of "Must Take" Wedding Photography Shots
On your wedding day, you'll want to make sure your photographer captures those essential details you worked so hard on. To help him or her out, provide a list of "must-take" wedding photography shots such as this one. Here are the most popular essential shots:

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer
When you're seeking a wedding photographer, first print these essential questions. Get the best photographer to suit your wedding plans by asking and evaluating the answers to these 10 simple questions.

How To Look Great In Your Wedding Photos
5 tips from professionals to get amazing wedding photos

Pro Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day
Makeup artist Quinn Murphy offers pro tips for flawless wedding day makeup.

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