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Hitting the Jackpot with a 7-7-7 Wedding

July 7, 2007 Very Popular Day for Weddings


Updated June 21, 2007
July 7, 2007 might just be one of the most popular wedding dates ever. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker have chosen it as their wedding date, as has celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, and tens of thousands of other couples. Current estimates predict there will be 4 times as many weddings on that day as there would be on a normal Saturday in July.

Why is a 7-7-07 Wedding So Popular?

Many believe that the triple sevens of a 7-7-07 wedding make it a particularly auspicious date for a lucky and happy marriage. Others, who knew they wanted to get married in July already, chose it because they thought it made for a cool and memorable wedding anniversary.

For couples looking for luck, triple sevens immediately denote a jackpot, and they add up to a lucky 21. But the number seven has significance all around the world. Catholics have seven virtues, seven deadly sins, and seven sacraments, and Hindus recognize the seven chakras of the body. Both the Bible and the Torah prominently feature the number 7, most notably as the day that God rested after creating the earth. And 7-7 is the day of the annual lovers festival in Japan.

Public 7-7-07 Weddings

When Six Flags realized how popular this wedding date would be, they decided to throw a "Thrilled Ever After" celebration, featuring seven weddings at seven A.M. on July 7. The seven couples, chosen from 98 applicants, will be able to recite their "I do's" on their favorite rides, including at the top of a 200 ft. rollercoaster, or while spinning around in the teacups. Wedding receptions at the parks will follow.

Other public weddings include seven couples getting married in Walmart Garden Centers, with free invitations, rings and receptions, and 77 couples who will marry at the Phoenix Zoo. And of course, Las Vegas, the city where Lady Luck reigns, has special 7-7-07 wedding packages all over the city.

What about the 7-7-07 Wedding Guest?

As many people are just finding out, date popularity means an increased likelihood they're invited to more than one wedding. So they'll need to make hard decisions on which wedding to attend. Of course there are no hard and fast rules on how to make such a decision, but couples marrying on a popular date should be understanding.
Can't Go to the Wedding, Do I Still Have to Send a Gift?

Want to Have a 7-7-07 Wedding?

The Association for Wedding Professionals has a website with wedding locations that still have space available on this sought after date.

Too Late for a 7-7-07 Wedding?

If you're looking for a memorable and auspicious wedding date, but 7-7-07 arrives too soon, consider one of these dates:

09-08-07 (Saturday)
06-07-08 (Saturday)
08-08-08 (Friday) Since 8 is the most important lucky number in China, some wedding experts are predicting this date will be even more popular than July 7, 2007.

More Advice on Choosing a Wedding Date

Or, you could bring the lucky 7's into your marriage by choosing to marry at 7:07 pm, having seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen, a seven-tiered cake, seven wedding favors, or a seven-day honeymoon.

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