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Bachelor Party Ideas

From strippers to steakhouses--and everything in between


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You're the best man, the groom's old buddy, his lifelong pal. This should be your one chance to throw him the bash of a lifetime – don't screw it up! But where to begin? Here are some bachelor party ideas to get you started on planning a night he'll never forget.

A Standard Bachelor Party: Strip Clubs

Inevitably, at least one person in the group will insist that it's not really a bachelor party unless naked women are involved. But don't let his voice be the deciding factor. Talk to the groom and see how he feels about it. If he doesn't want strippers, don't force them on him. It won't be any fun if the groom hates it, or causes a rift between the couple.

If strippers are a must, you can choose to have dancers come to you, or to go out to a strip bar. Hiring an exotic dancer to come to you--at a hotel or a friends home-- means you'll get more undivided attention, and less overhead costs (no coat check, overpriced drinks, or cover charge). On the other hand, a strip club will ensure that you won't have to wait around for the dancers to show and you'll get the camaraderie and energy of a club setting. 

Bachelor Party Ideas for the Sports Fans

For an athletic group of guys, organize a your own sports tournament? You could print up custom tee-shirts or order personalized hats and other gear. And, of course, a thirst-quenching after party is a must for any tournament. Some good organized sports for bachelor parties include:
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Golf
If you're more sports-watchers than sports-players, rent a party bus get the gang to chip in on tickets for everyone to see a local game. Make it more fun by tailgating, organizing a post-game pub crawl, and/or getting the stadium to put the groom's name up on the scoreboard.

Classic Steak Dinner

Plan a road trip and hit one of the countries best steak houses, such as Morton's (locations across the US), Ruth's Chris (locations across the US), Peter Luger (New York). Delmonico (Las Vegas), or The Grill (Los Angeles) and be prepared to eat large portions of premium beef. Afterwards, take a limo to a whiskey and cigar bar where you can relax swap war stories. Or follow up the meal with a legendary poker party.

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