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Parent Thank You Gifts for the Wedding

Show Your Appreciation with These Parent Gift Ideas


Parent Thank You Gifts are a way to show your appreciation to your parents for all the help they've given you with your wedding. They're not essential, but they're certainly a nice gesture, and really the least you can do for all they've done. Your mother and father probably helped you plan, make decisions, eased your anxiety, and kicked-in financially. (Not to mention just being your parents!)

Here are 5 great gift ideas for how you can say thanks to your mom and dad:
  1. A weekend away or night out Say thanks to your parents for all the wedding planning stress they've endured by giving them a chance to relax. Arrange for a nice weekend away or a night on the town. You can opt for luxury with a glamorous weekend, or a simple night of dinner and a movie.

  2. A thank you video Put together a video using family photographs, starting with baby photos and including important things that your parents did for you such as family vacations, college, your home. At the end write a message saying "Thank you, not just for the wedding, but for everything." There are many simple movie programs out there for the home user, including iMovie and Adobe Premiere Elements.

  3. Wedding photos A classic parent gift is a photo album of wedding pictures. You might also give your favorite picture in a silver frame, engraved with the date or a sweet saying like "I'll always be your little girl."

  4. Parent Gifts they Can Wear at the Wedding A gift of jewelry is nice, but your mom will always remember the necklace she wore to your wedding. This could be cuff links, earrings, a pin, tie tack, or an embroidered handkerchief.

  5. A Heartfelt Thank You Note Sometimes the simplest gift is the best one. You're at an important juncture in your life, and now is a great time to say thanks to your parents for getting you this far. If your parents are like mine, they'll love this one, and will be happy that you saved your money for something important.

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