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Who's in a Wedding Party

A Guide to a Wedding Party - Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower Girls, Ushers & More


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Your wedding party (also known as the bridal party) includes not only the people who you'll count on to help you with planning, but also are the ones you want by your side when you walk down the aisle and say your vows. They're your sisters, brothers, and closest friends.

The wedding party includes:

Wedding Party Members Specific to Particular Religions

  • Jewish weddings traditionally include Chuppah Carriers. They hold the poles of the chuppah - a sacred wedding canopy which symbolizes the couple's new home. Traditionally, chuppah carriers are men, but may also be any four people the couple are close to.
  • In Muslim weddings, the groom's attendants are called the Hattabin
  • In some Christian weddings, young teenagers serve as Candle Lighters. They walk in the processional ahead of the mothers of the bride and groom, and light the candles at the altar.

Traditional Roles of The Wedding Party

  • Helps out with planning and tasks such as addressing invitations, running errands, and helping make important decisions

  • Helps the bride and groom get ready, and calm nerves

  • Takes formal photos with the couple either before the ceremony or during the cocktail hour

  • Is seated with the newly-married couple at the reception

  • Supports the couple's marriage, encouraging their love and helping them see through arguments and fights long after the wedding day.
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