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Wedding Traditions and Customs - Incorporate your culture

Weddings are rituals full of traditions- from the wearing of white, to jumping the broom, to the carrying the bride over the threshold. Ever wonder what some of these traditions mean? Want to incorporate some meaningful customs into your own wedding? Here's all the info you need.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
It's a centuries old tradition for a bride to wear "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue" on her wedding day. But do you know where this tradition comes from, and what it symbolizes?

Creative Ideas for Something New
Something new is usually the easiest part of the bridal tradition of wearing something old, new, borrowed, and blue. You'll probably already have purchased at least one something new without even trying. However, this tradition is a way to symbolize your future together and the new relationship you are entering into. Add greater symbolism and...

Here Come the Brides: Fairy Tales, Folklore and Wedding Traditions - Newark...
The Newark Museum is giving a present to those of us who love weddings. From now through September 4, 2005, they are presenting Here Come the Brides: Fairy Tales, Folklore and Wedding Traditions, five exhibitions that showcase the wedding customs, fashions and traditions of China, Victorian America, Morocco, Korea and Japan. Hundreds of items,...

Creative Ideas for Something Borrowed
Don't just use any old thing for your something borrowed! Make it be meaningful and fit the the time honored tradition with these 10 creative ideas

Unity Candle Ceremonies and Other Unity Ceremonies
Looking to include a unity candle ceremony or other unity tradition in your wedding? Here is a list of the many varieties of traditions out there.

Be Traditional
Incorporate old traditions, modern new ones, religious wording, and cultural customs with this wedding megasite's guide.

Something old...
An explanation of wedding traditions, including why the bride stands on the groom's left (to leave his sword arm free of course), why the bride wears white, and more.

The African Wedding Guide
A great online resource to help you plan either an African-inspired or traditional wedding- from rituals to fabrics, vendors, and more.

Irish wedding traditions
Bridget Haggerty, the author of The Traditional Irish Wedding, gives you the inside scoop on the history behind Irish wedding traditions.

Scottish Wedding Traditions
The Scottish Bride can find vows in Gaelic, Scottish good luck charms and resources for kilts, literature and more.

European Wedding Traditions
Includes Danish, Irish, Italian and Jewish wedding traditions for planning your wedding.

Guide to Chinese weddings
The Chinese Historical and Cultural Project has compiled this thorough guide to Chinese weddings.

Attending a Japanese wedding
About.com's Japan travel guide gives you clues to etiquette at a traditional Japanese wedding.

This site, which bills itself as "India's first wedding portal," gives you rituals, must haves, and must knows for 10 Indian cultures- from Catholic to Gujarti.

Jewish Bride
Along with resources for huppahs, kiddush cups, and more, find guidelines for a traditional Jewish wedding here.

Creative Ideas for Something Old
Tradition says a bride should wear something old, but why not find a new and creative way of doing so? Here are my top ten new ideas to incorporate something old in your wedding in a new and fresh way.

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