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Spring Wedding Ideas

The Right Touches For a Perfect Spring Wedding Theme


Popular spring wedding ideas include wedding cakes topped with seasonal flowers.

Seasonal touches and decor in pastel hues are ideal for a spring wedding.

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Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal – a perfect time for the new adventure that a marriage brings. 
If you're considering a spring wedding, start off by thinking about your favorite parts of the season. Is it crocuses poking up through snow? Perhaps you'll want to have a wedding early in the season. If it's the emerging sunshine, choose bright colors and May weather. Here are some ideas to get you started on planning your spring wedding:

When to Have a Spring Wedding

If you're getting married in a church, talk to them about their Easter decorations. You may be able to save money by using theirs. On the flip side, some days may be unavailable due to holiday prep. Vendors and sites may be more available in the spring than in the summer, but remember prom; you may need to book limousines and tuxedos extra early.

Spring Wedding Dresses

Most wedding dresses seem made for a spring wedding. Wedding magazines are full of large skirts that may be too warm for the summer, and sleeveless tops that may be too cold for winter. Look for a versatile dress that can be paired with a wrap if you're chilly, yet is still light and airy.

Many more brides these days are opting for a hint of color in their wedding dresses – be it a baby blue sash, an allover hint of pink, or light colorful embroidery. These touches will look perfect at a spring wedding.

Spring Wedding Party Attire

When dressing for a spring wedding, keep in mind that the weather can be dodgy. You may have 70 degrees and sunshine, or you may end up with a damp, chilly day. Choose dresses with sleeves on them or give your bridesmaids wraps to wear.

Pastel bridesmaid dresses are a classic choice and floral patterned bridesmaid dresses are become more and more popular. Muted, not-quite-pastel hues (think greige) are appropriate for a modern, spring wedding. For a daytime wedding, men look dapper in tan suits and coordinating ties.

Spring Wedding Menu Ideas

Celebrate spring in your menu with fresh young vegetables such as baby carrots, baby asparagus (or regular asparagus), new potatoes, sugar snap peas, and haricots verts. Strawberries, rhubarb, and apricots are delicious at this time of year. Try phyllo dough cups with mousse or custard topped with strawberries.

Spring Wedding Cake

A tiered white cake, topped with flowers (real, sugar, or faux) is a classic choice. For an added Spring-y touch, consider layers of spiced carrot cake or light white cake sweetened with lemon or berries.

Spring Wedding Decorations

The preppy pink and green color combination couldn't be more spring-like, and is perfect for a beautiful, fresh spring wedding. Accent your tables with polka-dot or gingham fabrics and ribbons, and use alternating pink and green chair colors. For a more elegant look, combine celadon green with white, using silver as an accent color. If you're having an outdoor wedding and a fair amount of children, a may pole does double duty as entertainment and elegant decoration. Instead of rice, consider asking your guests to throw rose petals, or release butterflies.

Spring Wedding Flowers

Flowers in season include roses, tulips, hyacinth, lilies and Gerber daisies. Multi-colored calla lilies are very popular and look beautiful in a spring arrangement. Combine a dozen with lemon leaf or maiden hair, or create a simple hand tied nosegay.

For centerpieces, evoke season by using white baskets filled with oasis floral form and an abundance of spring flowers. An inexpensive centerpiece for a garden wedding is a terracotta pot with a spring-moss or ivy covered Styrofoam ball affixed to it. Add small candles around it and/or some rose petals.

Spring Wedding Favors

Give favors of seed packets or bulbs, with thanks for supporting the growth of your love. Consider giving birdhouses – you can usually find these inexpensively at a dollar store or craft store. 

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