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How to Make an Easy Orchid Boutonniere


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How to Make an Easy Orchid Boutonniere
Making your own boutonniere is an easy DIY wedding task that can save you money without a lot of time or difficulty. Houston wedding planner and floral designer Dennis Kutach will take you step-by-step through an easy way to make your own boutonniere.

Although there are several steps, each of them is very quick and easy. A beginner can make this boutonniere in less than 5 minutes. You'll need to buy some floral supplies, but especially if you are making bouquets that will also need those supplies, you can easily cut your floral bill in half.

If you have a refrigerator with no fresh produce in it (the produce gives off an enzyme that wilts flowers), you can assemble the boutonniere up to two days before the wedding. Otherwise, make it the day before the wedding, and store it in a cool place.

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