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What to Wear to a Fall Wedding - Suggestions for the Wedding Guest


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What to Wear to a Late Afternoon or Early Evening Fall Wedding
What to Wear to a Fall Wedding - Suggestions for the Wedding Guest
I get questions all the time from people invited to a late afternoon wedding ceremony and an evening wedding reception. They're unsure if they should wear a daytime or evening look. After all, wearing a sparkly prom dress in a church feels awkward and uncomfortable, but it's no fun to be in a day dress when everyone else is wearing party clothes.

The trick is to look appropriate at both without having to change clothes.

Look for a dress with simple lines like this one that can be dressed up or down. Add a little jacket and simple earrings for the daytime ceremony but tuck a pair of dangle sparkly earrings and some great bracelets in your bag for the evening reception. It's the same day-to-night trick women have been pulling off for years at the office - there's no reason it can't work for the wedding guest as well.

This Tadashi dress has simple lines so add a colorful scarf or jacket for the ceremony, then be ready to look swanky with a cocktail at the wedding. Buy this Tadashi Shutter Pleat Dress

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