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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding


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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding When You're Plus-Sized
What to Wear to a Summer Wedding
As recently as five years ago, the majority of plus-size fashion was tent-like and terrible. While the selection of casual plus-sized dresses on the market has improved since then, formal plus-size dresses still leave something to be desired.

But when you're dressing for a wedding, you'll want to look just as beautiful and be just as appropriately-dressed as the other wedding guests. Look for a dress that is figure-flattering and makes you feel gorgeous.

This JS Boutique dress has a v-neck draped bodice, which makes many plus-size women look extra hot. While the fabric is a relaxed jersey, the length and the little bit of glitter on the shoulders make it formal-appropriate.

JS Boutique Ruched Empire Waist Dress

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