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Organizing Your Wedding Guest List

Planning a wedding (rather than eloping) is all about getting married in front of your family and friends. But figuring out who goes on your guest list, and how to organize them, can be a daunting task. Here are tips and advice on organizing your wedding guest list.

Your Wedding Guest List - The First Steps
It's never too early in the wedding planning process to start talking about your guest list. Before you announce that you're having 250 people and start verbally inviting people, follow these steps for getting started.

Estimating a Guest List - How Many Wedding Guests to Invite
When planning a wedding guest list, it's hard to know how many people will actually come. Here's a guide to figuring out what your decline rate will be, and how many people you can actually invite.

Should You Invite Your Ex To Your Wedding?
Making a wedding guest list is almost always tricky, but figuring out whether to invite your ex- to your wedding is an especially tricky question. Here are the pros and cons of why you should and shouldn't have an old flame around on your wedding day.

Readers Respond: Are You Inviting An Ex To Your Wedding? Why or Why Not?
If you've made the decision of whether or not to invite an ex to your wedding, we'd love to hear about it. What went into your decision? Was it hard to make this decision?

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