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Sample Wedding Invitation Wording

The wedding invitation is the first thing your guests will know about your big day, and likely something they will hold onto afterwards as a memento. Here is advice on wedding invitation wording and etiquette.

Basic Wedding Invitation Wording--Guide to Writing Wedding Invitations
Follow these simple steps for writing your wedding invitations.

Sample Wedding Invitation Wording for Non-Traditional Weddings
If you are having a non-traditional wedding, there's no reason to use traditional wedding invitation wording. Whether you're just looking to reflect the casualness of your wedding, or you're trying to figure out how to include children on an invitation to a destination wedding, there is a sample wedding invitation wording here for you.

Wedding Invitation Wording Especially for Divorced or Blended Families
Once upon a time, there wasn't much variation in wedding invitations, since the brides parents paid for everything. These days, with divorce, blended families, untraditional families, and any and all of the above helping to pay for it, invitations have gotten complicated! Here are some common situations, and the appropriate wording for each.

Checklist: The Basic Information Every Wedding Invitation Should Have
Proofread your wedding invitation to make sure that you've included the most basic information - who, what, where, when, and when again. Here's a checklist to ensure nothing important is omitted

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