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Wedding Locations and Destination Weddings- The Place for Your Wedding

There are so many different places to have a wedding , but how do you choose the perfect ceremony site and reception venue for your big day? If you're considering a destination wedding, how do you decide where to go? This simple guide will help you make one of the most important decisions for your wedding- where to have it.
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Inexpensive Wedding Locations
Ideas of wedding locations that will be cheaper than country clubs and hotels.

Top 10 Romantic Wedding Locations
Of all the wedding locations in the world, we've chosen these top 10 for their breathtaking beauty, grand opulence, and romantic charm. Here are the best destination wedding locations in the world.

Questions to Ask a Potential Wedding Reception Venue
When shopping for your wedding venue, it can be easy to get swept up in a breathtaking view, without considering all of the potential complications of a particular site. Before you sign that contract, ask these questions.

Top 10 Most Romantic Wedding Locations and Destination Wedding Spots
Thinking of having a destination wedding? Here are my top ten picks for the most romantic wedding locations around the world including an intimate inn in upstate New York, a chateau in France, and a museum in San Francisco.

Frequently Asked Questions - Locations
Answers to frequently asked questions about wedding locations, including finding a house-of-worship, timeline for booking space, and hidden costs of your marriage venue.

Getting Married in London - a Guide to London Weddings
Thinking of Getting Married in London? Here is a basic guide to the best locations, florists, and caterers, as well as information on getting a Marriage License.

Wed at the San Diego Zoo!
Looking to have a wedding among lions and tigers and bears, oh my? Why not host your wedding at the San Diego Zoo, an elegant but unusual setting with many beautiful locations.

A Destination Wedding in Puerto Rico
A destination wedding in Puerto Rico is a pretty miraculous thing. Not only do you get tropical beaches and rainforest, a charming and historic capital city, and great culture but it’s part of the United States (no passport required!) and only a few hours from many US airports. Most people on the island speak English, and the modern...

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