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Directory of Wedding Readings - Religious, Secular, Classic, Unique

If you're looking for a wedding reading, start with this library of wedding readings. There's sure to be the right one for you, whether you're looking for classic and traditional to unusual and unique.

10 Tips on Choosing a Wedding Reading
Your wedding readings can be personal! Don't just let your officiant choose them for you - you'll end up with the same ones that everyone else has. But when you take the time to find a personal wedding reading, it can not only improve your ceremony, it can also help strengthen your relationship for years to come. Here are my tips on how to...

If you're looking for a wedding reading, start with this library of wedding...
Wedding readings are an inspiring part of any great ceremony. They express your love for each other, and what you believe about marriage. It's worth it to take the time to find the right wedding reading, so start by looking through this directory of sample wedding readings.

New Testament Wedding Readings
In a Christian marriage ceremony, it's typical to have at least one wedding reading from the New Testament. Here are my favorite Bible verses for weddings, including explanations of their meanings and why they make good wedding readings.

Classic and Traditional Wedding Readings
Traditional brides and grooms need classic wedding readings. These beautiful poems and quotes have meant so much for years. Here are the most classic and traditional wedding readings:

Funny Wedding Readings -- Humorous Poems and Quotes to Use as Funny Wedding...
Funny Wedding Readings -- Humorous Poems and Quotes to Use as Funny Wedding Readings

Romantic Wedding Readings
Your wedding ceremony should be full of love, and one of the best ways to do that is to choose romantic wedding readings. Here are some from poetry and literature that are full of love.

We all know that Shakespeare's sonnets and plays are full of romance, so it...
We all know that Shakespeare's sonnets and plays are full of romance, so it makes sense that Shakespeare is a natural fit for wedding readings. If you are looking for a reading for your wedding, consider these excerpts and poems from Shakespeare.

Unique Wedding Readings - Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Readings
If your relationship isn't cookie cutter, then your ceremony shouldn't be either. Look to include unique wedding readings that are extremely meaningful to you, and ones that most people haven't heard before. Here are some unique wedding readings that might be perfect for you, or at least stir your imagination!

Wedding Readings from Books and Novels - Literary Wedding Readings
Some of the most romantic ceremonies I have attended were ones that included wedding readings that the bride or groom had remembered from a great work of literature - ones that had particularly described the meaning of love or marriage. Here are some of my favorite wedding readings on love and marriage from great works of literature.

Wedding Readings From the Bible
For a Christian ceremony, choose an inspired wedding reading from the Bible. You may know some familiar ones, but there are also more obscure Bible wedding readings that are lovely.

Wedding Readings from Classic Love Poems
Love poetry has long been used as wedding readings. Here are some of the most beautiful love poems to use in your ceremony.

Jewish Wedding Readings
Having a Jewish wedding means choosing from the many traditional Jewish wedding readings and blessings. Find those here, along with more modern and secular variations of these traditions.

21 Old Testament Wedding Readings
The Old Testament is full of beautiful pieces of scripture appropriate as wedding readings. But do you know what they mean? Here are 21 Old Testament wedding readings about love, marriage, and commitment, along with their meanings.

Catholic wedding readings are powerful, but there are a lot to choose from! Here's a guide to how many readings you'll need, and which selections you can choose from. Includes links to full text for selections from the Old and New Testaments, the Psalms, and the Gospels

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