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Wedding Registries for Every Style - Register for Gifts that Suit You!

You're creating a home together - now what do you want to decorate it with? Click here for registry advice, top places to register for every style, frequently asked questions about registering and more. From classic Tiffany & Co. to untraditional choices, you'll find it all here.
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Top 5 Biggest Wedding Registry Mistakes
Setting up a wedding registry seems simple at first - give the store your info, and pick out your items. But there are some common mistakes that many couples seem to make. Here's a list of the biggest ones, and how to avoid them.

Top 10 Best Non-Traditional Wedding Gifts
Most couples registering for wedding gifts hit the basics - china, towels, and kitchen goods. But there are some fantastic non-traditional wedding gifts I think every couple should register for. Have you found these hidden gems?

How Many Wedding Registries Should We Have?
When you're deciding where to register for wedding gifts, don't choose too many or too few places! Here's advice on where and how to set up your wedding registry.

Wedding Registry Checklist: Dining Room
Not sure how many place settings to register for? And do you really need formal china? Here's a wedding registry checklist for the dining room, with tips on savvy registering

Wedding Gifts: Asking for Money
the most frequent question I am asked by brides and grooms is "How do we let guests know that we'd prefer money rather than wedding gifts?" And who can blame them? Most of these couples are trying to pay for their wedding themselves, and the idea of money for a honeymoon, down payment on a house or simply some spending cash can be a lot more appealing than a second (or third!) toaster. So what is the polite way of asking for money instead of wedding gifts? Is there one?

5 Tips for Writing Wedding Thank You Cards - Don't Be Intimidated By All...
Writing thank you cards after your wedding can be a daunting task but with these quick tips, it will be as easy as pie.

Frequently Asked Questions about Your Bridal Registry
All of your most frequently asked questions about how, where, and when to register.

Wedding Registry Checklist: Kitchen
Here's a wedding registry checklist for the kitchen which should help you get started and make sure you aren't missing anything.

Wedding Registry 101 for the Stylish, Modern Couple
Modern registries defy convention: What you need to know!

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