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The Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Wedding Guests Make - And How to Deal


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Wedding Guest Mistake: Not RSVPing
The Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Wedding Guests Make - And How to Deal
Nina Callaway
Yes, this is by far the biggest mistake wedding guests make. No matter how you word the RSVP cards, no matter how nicely you ask, some guests just never RSVP. Some assume that the happy couple knows that they're coming. Others don't send regrets because think they only need to respond if they will be there. Many don't realize how much depends on getting an accurate headcount on time. And still others are forgetful or just inconsiderate.

Don't Let This Be You

– send back the RSVP card on time, even if you've verbally told the couple, or sent an email. Engaged couples have so much to keep track of and they depend on getting those response cards. Even worse is when the guest list is being managed by someone else – like the mother of the bride – or when there are multiple events to keep track of.

If This Happens at Your Wedding

If your wedding guests haven't RSVP'd, it's time to hit the phones. You, your family, or a member of your wedding party can call the offending guests. Let them know your firm deadline for a reply; after that you'll have to assume they're not coming. What to Do When Wedding Guests Don't RSVP

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