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Weddings: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Make Your Wedding Night Unforgettable
If you'll be a virgin on your wedding night, you may have some questions. These sex tips and advice will help things go smoothly for your first time together.
15 Ideas for Your Wedding Vows
Let this wedding vows collection inspire you. Whether your wedding is traditional or non-traditional, religious or secular, these marriage vow samples will help you get started.
4 Beautiful Examples of Traditional Wedding...
Traditional wedding vows are still the most popular vows used in weddings today. See several variations on classic wedding vows.
21 Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas
Most people only experience a marriage proposal once in their lifetimes, so you'll want it to be memorable and perfect. After you've gotten up the nerve to ask, you might have trouble finding a creative way to pop the question. To help you out, here are 21 romantic and unique marriage proposal ideas that are sure to make a big impression.[
Samples of Great Wedding Toasts
Looking for a short wedding toast? Here is a gallery of good wishes and short wedding toasts, perfect for celebrating a bride and groom on their big day.
The Best Bridal Shower Games
Bridal shower games are a fun way to shake up a wedding shower. From traditional games to more unique activities, there's something for everyone.
The Right Way to Write a Wedding Thank-You Note
It's easy to get stumped when writing wedding thank you cards. Make it easy on yourself by copying these sample wedding thank you notes.
Unique Wedding Vow Ideas
What one thing is more important to a wedding than the photography, cake and catering combined? It's the wedding vows. These little words that marry you give meaning to everything else that happens during that day, and the promises that you make to each other during the ceremony set the parameters for your marriage. Here's a directory to all kinds of sample wedding vows, as well as guides for writing your own.
Creative Wedding Vows for the Ring Exchange
It is traditional for a couple to exchange wedding rings after they say their vows. Since these rings are symbols of the marriage, the words said during a ring exchange should reflect the couple's hopes for their marriage. These words may be simply incorporated into the wedding vows, or treated as a separate ritual. Here is some example wording to use during your ring exchange or ring ceremony
10 Tips for Amazing Wedding Night Sex
There's a lot of hype surrounding wedding night sex. While many couples may be too tired (or tipsy) for mind-blowing sex, there are many ways to make the night one to remember.
The Most Romantic Wedding Vows Ever
If you're a soft-hearted dreamer who wants to ensure that your wedding vows are heartfelt and touching, here are some samples of romantic wedding vows to get you started
Follow This Wedding Ceremony Script for an...
Many couples are opting to customize the traditional wedding ceremony to reflect their personalities. Use this sample wedding ceremony script to organize your own event.
The Best Cheap Champagnes under \$20
Looking for a great champagne or sparkling wine for your wedding, but don't want to spend a fortune? Here are my top ten picks for inexpensive champagnes.
Wedding Reading Ideas for Every Couple
If you're looking for a wedding reading, start with this library. Whether you want a traditional reading or a more unique passage, you're bound to find something that works for your event.
Who Walks When During a Wedding Processional
The order of the wedding processional varies by religion. Here is a processional guide, including Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, and non-denominational options.
Sample Wedding Vows for a Vow Renewal Ceremony
Renewing your wedding vows? Congratulations! Since you may have chosen a vow renewal for a variety of reasons, there are a wide variety of words you can say. Many people write their own vows, but here are some samples to get you started.
Funny Wedding Vow Ideas
Free examples of funny wedding vows for you to incorporate into your wedding.
6 Easy Steps to Writing Your Own Wedding Vows
Writing your own personalized wedding vows can be a daunting task, but it's not quite as hard as it looks. Here are six easy steps that you can follow to write your own wedding vows.
Modern Alternatives to Giving Away the Bride
Giving away the bride is a centuries-old custom. Though you might be tempted to do away with it all together, you can make this somewhat sexist tradition into a modern, fresh, and meaningful part of your wedding day. Here are both traditional and alternative wordings.
Sample Wedding Ceremony Script
If you're writing your own wedding ceremony, it can be hard to know where to begin. After all, there are a lot of resources for writing your vows, but relatively few available for writing your own wedding ceremony. This example is a particularly beautiful one which incorporates ritual and tradition. Feel free to adapt it to meet your needs and personalities.
The Most Romantic Wedding Readings from...
Some of the most romantic ceremonies I have attended were ones that included wedding readings that the bride or groom had remembered from a great work of literature - ones that had particularly described the meaning of love or marriage. Here are some of my favorite wedding readings on love and marriage from great works of literature.
How to Write an Awesome Best Man Speech
Writing a great best man toast requires a little creativity, a little patience, and some hard work. Here's how to write a best man speech they'll remember.
What You'll Need to Get a Marriage License
If you're planning to get legally married, there is one thing you mustn't forget – the marriage license. Here's a guide to what you'll need to get a marriage license, including where to apply, what documents you'll need and more.
Find out How Many People Will Come to Your...
When planning a wedding guest list, it's hard to know how many people will actually come. Here's a guide to figuring out what your decline rate will be, and how many people you can actually invite.
Check Out the 10 Best Places to Get Married in...
If you're getting married in New York City, it's probably at least partially because you love the uniqueness of the Big Apple. So instead of choosing an impersonal hotel ballroom, check out my list of the top 10 places to get married in New York City, starting with The Foundry.
What to Wear to a Fall Wedding - Suggestions...
If you're going to a fall wedding, you'll want to look chic and appropriate. Here are suggestions for what to wear to every type of fall wedding including pictures and buying advice.
51 Creative Inscriptions for Your Wedding Ring
Looking for a way to personalize your wedding bands? Why not engrave your rings with something romantic, personal and meaningful to you? Here's a list of romantic, humorous, simple and religious ideas.
The Right Way to Word Your Wedding Reply Card
Browse wedding RSVP card wording samples in our wedding response card guide. Learn what a response card should say, the etiquette of response cards, and more.
Who Pays for What? A Guide to Wedding Financial...
Figuring out who will pay for a wedding can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. Traditionally, the bride’s family would pick up most of the tab but with the average cost of a wedding skyrocketing, and more couples getting married later in life, these traditional roles are far from set in stone. Start off with this list of who traditionally pays for each part of the wedding, and use it to start a conversation. For example, did you know that the groom traditionally pays for the bride's bouquet? Now that you do, you can decide if he will for your wedding.
Sand Ceremony Vow Wording
Sand Ceremony wording can help explain to your guests the meaning of this symbolic ritual, add deeper meaning to the act. Here are some examples, including basic, religious, and including your children.
What to Wear to a Wedding
Have you been invited to a wedding and have no clue what to wear? Here are simple tips for what's appropriate for every type of wedding.
18 Tips for Popping the Question
Before your big marriage proposal, you're sure to be nervous, and wonder if you're doing it in the right way. Before you get down on one knee, read these dos and don'ts of marriage proposals.
The Best Father/Daughter Dance Songs (That...
The father daughter dance is a little bit sappy, but that doesn't mean that you have to choose a trite tune. Here are dozens of non-cheesy father daughter dance songs from every genre.
Hot Bridal Jewelry Trend: Rose Gold
Hot bridal jewelry trend: Rose Gold
Expert Tips on Planning an Awesome Bridal Shower
Throwing a bridal shower for the first time? You're probably full of questions. Luckily, we've got lots of answers. From who to invite, to where to have it, and what bridal shower games to play, here's all the basics of throwing a bridal shower.
Who's Who in the Wedding Party
Your wedding party (also known as the bridal party) includes not only the people who you'll count on to help you with planning, but also are the ones you want by your side when you walk down the aisle and say your vows. Here's a guide to who's who in the wedding party.
5 Wedding Attendant Guidelines to Keep in Mind
Trying to figure out how many attendants you should have in your wedding party? Here are simple guidelines based on the type and size of your wedding.
Unique Wedding Readings for Non-traditional...
Create a unique ceremony by including wedding readings that are meaningful to you. Browse these unique wedding readings.
Wedding Toast Dos and Don’ts
Do you know who should give a wedding toast? Usually the best man does, but he needn't be the only one. Here's the etiquette of who gives a wedding toast, what they say, and when.
The Do's and Don'ts of Giving a Best Man Speech
Have to give a best man speech soon? Here are the dos and don'ts, how to write one, and an example best man speech
Wedding Sand Ceremony
A wedding sand ceremony is a meaningful addition to your wedding, which leaves you with a long-lasting memento of the commitment you are making to each other. Find out what it is, what you'll need, and special touches to make it personal.
What to Wear to a Spring Wedding
Advice for the wedding guest on what to wear to every type of Spring Wedding from casual to black tie, and even
"I Do" Take Two: A Guide to Renewing Your Vows
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How to Address Invitations: To a Doctor and her...
An answer to a frequently asked question about the proper way to invite wedding guests with professional titles.
Wedding Music That Will Get Your Guests Dancing
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >I think the best
The Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Any Couple
If you're going to a wedding but aren't sure what to get the couple, consider one of these top wedding gift ideas. These recommendations are sure to please and can be tailored to any couple's taste.
8 New Rules for How Much to Spend on a Wedding...
You've probably heard the old rule for how much to spend on a wedding gift - estimate how much they spent on hosting you and give accordingly. But the old price-per-plate rule is out. There are new rules on how much to give to a coworker, neighbor, close friend, and exceptions for destination weddings and bridal party members.
10 Sexiest Options for Wedding Night Lingerie
Sexy wedding night lingerie can help make your first night as a married couple extra special and fun. Here are my top 10 picks for beautiful wedding night lingerie.
The Right Way to Word Your Wedding Invitations
Follow these simple steps for writing your wedding invitations, including advice on wording for wedding invitations and invite etiquette.
The Do's and Don'ts of Asking Parents for Their...
Asking for a parent's blessing or permission was once a standard part of an engagement. Now asking for a woman's hand in marriage is sometimes viewed as old-fashioned. But if done correctly, it can be a beautiful meaningful moment and opportunity to both honor and bond with your future in-laws. Here's a guide on how to ask in a way that will make her parents proud.
Can Wedding Guests Wear White?
With so many wedding etiquette rules relaxing, many guests want to know if the ban on wearing white (or cream, or ivory, or ecru) has relaxed as well.
Creative Tips for the "Something Borrowed"...
If you're a bride wearing. Weddings.
Something Old, Something New, Something...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >It's a longstanding
How to Throw an Engagement Party
Engagement parties can be a fun way to announce and celebrate your engagement, but not everyone has one. Here's advice on whether you should have one, and what it should be like.
A Photographers List of 'Must Take' Wedding Shots
On your wedding day, you'll want to make sure your photographer captures those essential details you worked so hard on. To help him or her out, provide a list of
Traditional Readings for Classic Weddings
Are you a traditional bride- the one who's been dreaming of wearing a fluffy white dress while a loved one reads a classic text? Or perhaps you're just looking for the one of the wedding readings that have meant so much to so many brides and grooms over the years. Here are the most classic and traditional wedding readings:
Romantic Poems for Wedding Ceremony Readings
Romantic poetry can make for lovely wedding readings. Consider using one of these options as your wedding poem.
What to Wear to a Summer Wedding
Figuring out what to wear to a wedding is one of the most fun - and most trying - parts of being a wedding
Funny Dr. Seuss Inspired Wedding Vows
If you're getting married and you're a big fan of Dr. Seuss, you might consider using these silly, rhyming wedding vows.
21 Old Testament Wedding Readings
Part of our directory of Old Testament wedding readings; here are Bible verses from Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and Isaiah, along with their meanings. Page 3.
5 Bridal Shower Games to Get the Party Started
It’s true that bridal showers are a great way for guests to get to know each other before the wedding. But it’s also true that a shower can easily become a room full of strangers with awkward silences and strained conversations. To make sure your event is actually a fun party to remember, get things going with these ice breaker bridal shower games.
How to Make a Wedding Cake
Making a wedding cake is really not that hard. A rustic, homemade wedding cake can be achieved in just a few simple steps.
Funny Wedding Readings for Couples Who Love to...
Funny wedding readings can help keep a ceremony from becoming too serious... or too boring.
How to Honor Deceased Loved Ones at a Wedding
A wedding is a joyous occasion, but when you have a deceased parent or family member, it can be difficult to know how to remember them in a way that won't change the tone of the day. Here are 6 interesting ideas on remembering a parent at the wedding.
5 Tips for an Amazing Wedding Night
Engaged couples spend lots of time planning for the big day, but not everybody plans well for the big wedding night. This time alone together after the festivities can be incredibly meaningful and romantic.
8 Points to Ponder Before You Start Planning...
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Changing Your Name? How (and When) to Get Started
If you've decided to change your name after marriage, you've got quite a bit of paperwork to do. Here's a guide to what to do and what is required.
Sample Invitations for Every Type of Bridal...
One of the most common questions I get about bridal showers is how to word the invitations, poems or cute rhymes to use, and especially how to let guests know that there will be a theme. Here's a guide to bridal shower invitation wording that should answer all of your questions.
4 Romantic Readings for Your Wedding Ceremony
Every wedding ceremony should be infused with love, and one of the best ways to do that is to choose romantic wedding readings.
Wedding Ceremony Songs Guide
What will you choose for your wedding ceremony music? Here is a list of both classic and contemporary wedding ceremony songs to help you make that dream entrance.
Ushers vs Groomsmen: What's the Difference?
Ushers are those oh-so-helpful members of a wedding party - but what exactly do they do? Find out, along with answers to other questions about the role of ushers at your wedding.
How to Find a Wedding Officiant
Choosing the right wedding officiant is one of the most important decisions you'll have to make. Here's how to find the right person to marry you.
How Far in Advance Should I Send Out My Wedding...
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Top 10 Gifts for the Bride
Trying to find a birthday, Christmas, or Hanukkah present for the bride in your life? She's already getting so many shower presents, engagement presents and wedding presents - finding something unusual is going to be hard. Here are my top ten picks that every bride is sure to love
5 Classic Biblical Passages on Love and Marriage
Looking for a wedding reading from the Bible for your ceremony? Here are the most classic ones, and the ones that speak of love and marriage in the most loving ways.
10 Real DIY Wedding Cakes – Inspiring...
Get inspired to make your own DIY wedding cake! Here are photos, tips, and how-tos from amateur bakers who made a DIY wedding cake.
Creative Ideas for Something Old
The tradition says you should wear something old, but it doesn't say you can't find a new and creative way of doing so. Here are my top ten new ideas to incorporate something old in your wedding.
Customize This Reception Timeline for Less...
A guide to what happens during a wedding reception, including a full timeline.
Who Needs to Know You've Changed Your Name?
A name change checklist is a simple tool that helps you keep track of who you've told, and who you still need to tell.
What the Mother of the Groom Should (and...
There's a traditional saying about what the mother of the groom is supposed to do – Show Up, Shut Up and Wear Beige. But is that still true in this day and age? Here's a guide to the duties of the mother of the groom, along with ideas on what to wear.
What Are Groomsmen Responsible For?
A description of a groomsman's duties and responsibilities. Includes what they're expected to do during the wedding itself, as well as responsibilities leading up to the big day. Also includes expenses of being a groomsman, and ways to cut costs.
What Happens at a Commitment Ceremony?
Are you planning a commitment ceremony and don't know what should happen during it? Have you been invited to a commitment ceremony and wondering what to expect? Here are the basic components for a great gay, lesbian, transgender, or queer wedding ceremony.
10 Rules on Shopping for an Engagement Ring...
If things go right, you'll only be buying one engagement ring in your lifetime. But an engagement ring is a big investment. With your lack of experience, how are you going to make sure you find one that your sweetheart likes but is still a wise purchase? Follow these ten steps, and you're sure to find the perfect engagement ring.
How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Date
Choosing a wedding date is a little bit like playing Tetris. There are lots of different considerations, and 365 (or more) days to choose from. Here are the major things you should think about when choosing a wedding date.
Will Your Favorite Flowers Be In Season on Your...
Picking wedding flowers in season can save you a bunch of money. Sure, growers are now able to fly almost anything in from the other side of the world, but you'll pay a premium for that. Here is a US guide to what flowers are generally in season to help you get started.
How to Make a Wedding Cake: Step by Step Photo...
Do you want to make a wedding cake for the first time, but have no idea where to start, or how to keep it from falling over? Here are step by step instructions for assembling and decorating a wedding cake.
Top Wedding Trends for 2015
western wedding style, western weddings, rustic weddings
Modern Etiquette for Addressing Your Wedding...
When it comes to addressing your wedding invitations, traditional etiquette rules don't always apply. Here are my new and modern rules on how to address your wedding invitations the right way.
Wedding Ceremony Checklist
A wedding ceremony checklist designed to help you keep track of all the things you'll need, including
Sample Invitation Wording for Non-Traditional...
If you're having a non-traditional wedding, there's no reason to use classic wedding invitation wording. Use these wedding invitation wording samples as a guide for your unique event.
Wedding Guest Etiquette
Proper wedding etiquette can sometimes be confusing for guests. Here's how to be on your best behavior.
This is What Every Wedding Invite Should Have
When you're proofreading your wedding invitation, you'll want to make sure you've included this basic information - who, what, where, when, and when again.
: A reception is the party that follows a wedding ceremony . It can include many rituals and traditions,
The Right Way to Announce Your Engagement
Looking to announce your engagement but not sure where to start? Here's the steps you should take, the etiquette on whom to tell first.
What Do Wedding Planners Do?
Wedding planners can make your job as a bride or groom a whole lot easier, as long as you know what you're looking for! Before you hire wedding planners, read about their duties and things to watch out for.
10 Tips to Avoiding Outdoor Wedding Pitfalls
You've decided to have an outdoor wedding? Congratulations! Outdoor weddings are romantic and beautiful. However, they aren't as easy as they may look. Outdoor weddings come with additional caveats and pitfalls, but if you follow these tips, you'll be sure to shine on your wedding day.
Simple Tricks for Getting Guests to RSVP
Getting wedding guests to RSVP on time, and tracking them down when they don't, can be an incredibly frustrating process. So here are some simple tricks to increase your response rate.
How to Create a Wedding Budget
Once you've finished basking in the glow of engagement, you'll find it very hard to get anything accomplished without a detailed wedding budget. This will give you an outline of what you should spend on each item, so as to ensure you don't spend more than you intend to overall. Here's how to create a wedding budget that you can afford.
Most Romantic and Unique Wedding Venues in San...
Finding a wedding venue in San Francisco is easy - there are thousands. But finding a truly romantic and unique venue is a bit harder. Fortunately there are ten that are fantastically stunning. Here are my picks for where to get married in San Francisco.
The Ring Bearer
Your ring bearer's walk down the aisle is one of the highlights of the ceremony. Learn more about his role and how to ensure his part goes smoothly.
Who Walks the Bride Down the Aisle?
It's traditional for the father of the bride to walk her down the aisle at her wedding ceremony. But that doesn't work for all families or cultural traditions. If your dad has died, wasn't a big part of your life, or you have a blended family, you'll need to figure out who can fill those shoes. Here are the most popular options.
The Maid of Honor
What's so special about a maid of honor? A lot of people think she's just the bossiest bridesmaid, or perhaps the person most likely to go home with a groomsman. But she actually does have some special duties, as well as some special benefits. Here's the role of a maid of honor explained.
Simple Wedding Checklist
Getting organized is a key part of planning a wedding. Here's an easy printable wedding checklist to keep you on task month-by-month.
5 Fun Rehearsal Dinner Ideas
The rehearsal dinner is an important event in its own right - so make sure you spend some time exploring creative ideas on how to make your rehearsal dinner fun and unique.
How to Word a Wedding Invite to Fit Your Modern...
Once upon a time, there wasn't much variation in wedding invitations. Since the bride's parents were paying for everything, wedding invitations always read that they requested the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter. These days, with divorce, blended families, untraditional families, and any and all of the above helping to pay for it, invitations have gotten complicated! Here are some common situations, and the appropriate wording for each.
5 Ways to Make Your Guests a Meaningful Part of...
If you've chosen to get married in front of family and friends, rather than eloping, it's because their witnessing your nuptials is important to you. But how do you make them a meaningful part of your wedding ceremony? Here are several ideas:
10 Tips for Having a Beautiful Wedding on a...
Do you have champagne taste and caviar dreams, on a white bread and soda pop budget? Don't worry, you can still have a beautiful wedding. Check out these great ways to cut costs and save money.
A New Twist on Traditional Wedding Vows
Part of our huge directory of free samples of wedding vow wording -- these are personalized to unique situations of readers.
What Time Should Your Wedding Start?
You've probably thought a lot about the date of your big day, but have you considered your wedding time of day? Morning, afternoon, evening, or a combination, wedding time can be any time you want. Here are the pros and cons of each.
So, Who Typically Buys the Bridesmaids Dresses,...
When you're a bridesmaid, it can seem totally unfair that you have to pay for your bridesmaid dress. But when you're a bride with an already-stretched-thin budget, it makes complete sense. So who pays?
Wedding Dates to Avoid
Most of the wedding articles you'll read will tell advice on the best wedding dates to have the best weather and the biggest discounts. What they don't tell you is what the WORST wedding dates are. Here are wedding dates you'll surely want to avoid when planning:
Can You Afford a Wedding Planner?
Wedding planners can be invaluable vendors for the busy bride and groom, but many worry that they are expensive and unaffordable. The truth is that the cost of wedding planners vary widely, and most couples can afford to hire someone to help them with at least a portion of their big event.
What Should the Mother of the Groom Wear?
What should the mother of the groom wear? Here are our best tips for finding an appropriate Mother of the Groom dress.
Cold Feet or Something More: When You Should...
Feeling nervous at the thought of getting married? Before you become a runaway bride, read this article about strategies for dealing with cold feet, and how to tell the difference between nerves and serious problems.
11 Details to Include in Your Wedding Program
Wedding programs are one of those little touches that can add a big impact to your wedding day. But what should wedding programs include?
Meaningful Unity Traditions to Include in Your...
Looking to include a unity candle ceremony or other unity tradition in your wedding? Here is a list of the many varieties of traditions out there, and how to include them in your wedding.
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
The community vow of. Weddings.
10 Creative Wedding Gift Ideas
Don't buy another boring wedding gift! Here are 10 great wedding gift ideas, along with tips on making your present feel personal and unique.
Wedding Transportation
Figuring out wedding transportation -- how many cars you need, what kind, and when -- can be confusing. Before you book a limo, read this article on all of the above, plus questions to ask before you sign.
The Best First Dance Songs for Weddings
Choosing the first dance song at your wedding can seem like an impossible task. Let our list of popular options inspire you.
Wedding Trivia Quiz
Test How Much You Know About Wedding Trivia - from Celebrity Weddings to Folklore and Tradition
Recessional - Definition of What a Recessional Is
You may have heard the term recessional when talking about a wedding ceremony, but you may not know what it is, when it happens, and who is involved. Here's answers to all those questions and more.
Bridal Shower Ideas for Non-Traditional Brides
If you're tired of silly games and boring gifts, host a non-traditional bridal shower. These themes and ideas are aimed at the stylish, hip bride who wants her guests to have a blast.
New Testament Wedding Readings
New Testament wedding readings are an essential art of a Christian marriage ceremony.
What's Your Wedding Style?
Selecting a wedding theme is a great way to start planning your wedding. But what theme is right for you?
How Much Should I Spend on a Bridal Shower Gift?
How much should you spend on a bridal shower gift? The exact number varies for a number of reasons. Find out how to calculate what to spend on a bridal shower gift.
Smart Tips for Second Weddings
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > Second Wedding Dresses and Attire The
All About Convertible Bridesmaids Dresses
These versatile dresses can be worn in nearly countless numbers of ways, so your bridesmaids can choose the look that most flatters their body type!
What is a Wedding?
A definition of a wedding, including the essential components of the wedding ceremony and reception.
Sample Catholic Wedding Program Wording
A sample Catholic wedding program, including songs and music, lighting of the Unity Candle, readings, and more.
Wedding Day Checklist
A wedding day checklist helps to keep the chaos organized. Lists are always useful tools, but especially on your wedding day, you'll want to know that you've accomplished everything you needed to, and packed all of the essentials. This wedding day checklist will help you be on top of those last minute tasks and to-dos.
The Best Wedding Readings by Shakespeare
We all know that Shakespeare's sonnets and plays are full of romance, so it makes sense that Shakespeare is a natural fit for wedding readings. If you are looking for a reading for your wedding, consider these excerpts and poems from Shakespeare.
What Side of the Church Should Wedding Guests...
At a church wedding, the ushers often will ask guests,
10 Tips on Choosing a Wedding Reading
Too often, couples often just let their officiant choose their wedding readings for them. But when you take the time to find a personal wedding reading, it can not only improve your ceremony, it can also help strengthen your relationship for years to come. Here are my tips on how to choose a wedding reading.
Top 5 Michael Jackson Wedding Songs
Michael Jackson's untimely death has the sad silver lining of reminding all of us of how talented he was, and how his music made us feel good. And since a wedding is a time to feel good, it makes sense to play some MJ! He might be best known for Thriller or Beat It, but there are in fact Michael Jackson wedding songs about love and happiness. Here are my top 5 Michael Jackson wedding songs.
Tips for Throwing a Casual Wedding
Tips on throwing a great casual wedding- what you should wear, where to have it, charming menu ideas and more.
What Type of Wedding Reception is Right For You?
When envisioning your wedding reception, do you see the beauty of early morning light dancing through the trees or an all night, all-out party? There are so many different types of wedding receptions, there's going to be one right for your style, AND your budget. Here are the pros and cons of a variety of styles, including a traditional sit-down dinner, an inexpensive champagne and cake reception, and new twists.
Top Bachelor Party Ideas
Is your best buddy getting married? Browse our best bachelor party ideas and plan a legendary last night out.
How to Be a Great Bridesmaid
A thorough description of a bridesmaid's duties and role in a cherished friend's big day. Includes advice on how to plan a shower or bachelorette party, clarifying the bride's expectations, how to manage the expenses of being an attendant, and what to expect on the day of the wedding itself.
Top 10 Creative Ideas for Something Blue
It's an old saying, but still a lucky one. Have you figured out how you're going to incorporate something blue into your wedding day? Here are ten creative ideas on how to continue this wedding tradition.
Pictures of Prince William and Princess...
Pictures and details of Kate Middleton's wedding dress
Destination Wedding Checklist
Destination weddings are hot hot hot. And while they may be fun and relaxing, they require an extra level of organization. After all, you won't be able to run to the store to pick up a last-minute item, or add someone to the guest list at the eleventh hour. To make sure you are calm and relaxed, use this simple destination wedding checklist to keep yourself organized and on schedule.
Your Handy Guide to Wedding RSVPs
A definition of RSVPs meaning and how it applies to wedding invitations.
How to DJ Your Own Wedding With an iPod or Laptop
Thinking of using an iPod to DIY DJ your own wedding? Make sure it's a success with these top tips and troubleshooting guide.
Buying an Engagement Ring - An Illustrated Guide
An illustrated guide to buying an engagement ring, including a comparison of different styles, costs, metals, and sizes. Here are the steps you need to take when buying an engagement ring
14 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Flowers
Yes, you can save have gorgeous arrangements without breaking the bank. These cheap wedding flower ideas help you save money without sacrificing style.
11 Fresh Ideas for a Creative Wedding Guest Book
Skip the traditional silk covered tome in favor of one of these creative wedding guest book ideas.
Should You Host a Day After Wedding Brunch?
What's the truth? Do you really need a Day After Wedding Brunch? Or is it just one more extra that the wedding industry wants you to spend money on? Here are tips on who should have a day-after brunch, and how to keep planning one from making you crazy!
You've Decided to Cancel the Wedding; Now What?
Page 2. Once you've made the difficult decision to cancel a wedding, there are important steps you should take to get as much of your money refunded as possible, and to follow etiquette regarding the gifts and the ring. Here is simple advice on what steps to take.

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